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New Blog!!! Student Blogging Challenge September 26, 2010

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We are going to participate in a student blogging challenge that will help you learn how to blog and will help us connect with classrooms all over the world!  You will need to complete the following activities for this weeks blog!  If you still haven’t posted on last weeks blog you need to look down to the entry directly below this one and comment on that posting first.

1.  Write a post about why students and classes should visit our class blog.  You should leave this comment on our class blog!

Why is our blog going to be interesting? What do you think we will be posting about? What could they learn from reading our blog?

2. You will need to go to this website and leave a comment telling three interesting things about yourself.  Please remember not to leave your full name, just use your login name.

3. Each week you will need to have visited the blog of the class on either side of your name on the ‘Sept. 2010 classes’ page. This will make sure each class gets visited by at least two other classes. Remember to check out any student blogs that are on the class sidebars.  Then choose some other classes from the list that you would like to visit – students of similar age perhaps.   Our class is all the way at the bottom of the list.  Visit the class blog directly above our name and leave a comment for them!  They will also be visiting our blog.  The more comments we post to their blog the more we will get on ours from visitors!!!!


34 Responses to “New Blog!!! Student Blogging Challenge”

  1. happytapper321 Says:

    Our blog will be interesting because we have old fifth graders commenting too! I also think they will like it because we are new to it. This is only our second post! I think we will be posting about stuff we learn in class. I think they could learn what we like to do in the classroom. I am excited to see what we will blog about next

    PS I don’t get which blog we go to to comment on. 😦

    • mrsdaughertysclass Says:

      I will show you tomorrow if you don’t understand from the directions. Try to reread them slowly and see if that helps. :-).

      Mrs. D

    • jphe123 Says:

      Grace Ann,
      Even though I am first starting out at KRCS it is pretting cool to see what Mrs.D’s old fifth graders have to say. I agree that we will probably be posting about things we are learning. But like you said this is only our second post! :0)

      PS I am excited to see what we blog about next too! :0)

  2. happytapper321 Says:


  3. nagachess Says:

    I think that other students should visit our class blog so that we can learn about one another and from one another. Our blog is going to be interesting because there is going to be a new and appealing topic every week. We can also blog about our feelings and we could find someone who feels the same too. I think we are going to be posting about our hobbies, tips, heroes or heroines, and our family traditions. Other students can learn from our blog because there could be an answer to a question they had, an interesting fact that they never knew, or learn something about Mrs. Daugherty’s class. From me, maybe they could learn something about chess! 🙂

  4. I think other people from other classes should check out our blog because I think it will be interesting. It is good to learn from different parts of the country and the world. Georgia is in the south, and Atlanta is big in the music industry, for example. This includes hiphop, country music, rap, and rock. It has great sports teams and good museums. We might be blogging about things from our school, our state, and our country that other people might learn from. There are a lot of fun people in our class that will be blogging cool things too.

    • The Captain Says:

      I agree that we have good sports teams. It will be fun to get blogs from people all over the world. Maybe we can learn about cricket.

  5. softballlover5 Says:

    I think others should read our blog because,they might think what we are blogging is cool! We can blog about lots of interesting things like,: our school, what we are learning, field trips, and much more! If people from all over the world are reading this blog right now, they could reply to us! Another reason why is that old 5th graders can come blog too. If everyone comes and visits our class blog and posts, that would be a LOT and it would be very cool. That are only some reasons why people should visit our class blog.

  6. gracie3456 Says:

    Other people should read our blog. It is very interesting because our class is so much fun!! If people visit our blog they can learn about our class, and it would be really cool if it was someone from another country. It is not always our class who blogs so it will be filled with so many of your other students telling what it was like when they were in fifth grade. So we can learn too!!!!!!

  7. Miss W. Says:

    G’day Mrs Daugherty and students,
    Thanks for joining the student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities and make new friends around the world.

    Now I have found the correct URL for your awsomeone.

    PS I no longer use my old blog – technology in the classroom – instead I am at Kids in the Mid – click on my avatar or name to get to that blog.

  8. walker weldon Says:

    I think people should read our blog because we have fifth graders that are in seventh grade telling us what middleschool is like and how to be prepared. Also people should read our blog because Mrs.Daugherty is like the most creative, funtastic,most funny, teacher ever and who doesnt want to see a blog that involves all that.

    • The Captain Says:

      Hi Walker,
      I feel the same way about Mrs. Daugherty. We are lucky to be in her class. We can also tell them about the chicken dance and how much fun it is to do.

  9. happytapper321 Says:

    Which part of the posts that they posted do we comment on?

  10. arianacm Says:

    I think other classes should look at our blog to talk and communicate with our class.We make good conversations as well. Almost everyone responds back.

  11. The Captain Says:

    Our blog is going to be interesting because KRCS is the greatest school with the best teachers and students. Everyone will tell funny stories and tell about themselves. We are also going to be telling about field trips, projects, plays and what we had for lunch. 🙂 People will learn what we are like and what our classroom is like. They will learn all kind of sports from me and what it is like to live in Atlanta, Georgia.

  12. cathryn Says:

    I think that students and classes should visit our blog for many things. One reason is that they can find out what we are doing and to see if they want to do it. Also, they should to see all the hard work that we have done. The last one is that I want to see how many people around the world look at the blog! I hope everyone looks at our blog!


  13. Mr. Haney Says:

    Hey Mrs. Daugherty and her class! Thank you for getting on our blogs and making comments. Your class looks like a lot of fun. I see that both of our classes are in 5th grade. Maybe we could collaborate on a fun project like skype? Good luck in the blog challenge.

    -Mr. Haney (Tennessee)

  14. Ty Says:

    Students should visit our blog because we tell our viewers about our days in class and why their so great. Also, we tell you all these things about how much fun school is. We tell our viewers things from a kid’s point of view. So if you’re looking for some good blogging go to Mrs. Daugherty’s Class Blog.

  15. laserdog700 Says:

    I think our blog is interesting because other people can see our ideas. I think we will be posting about important things that come to mind. Other people could learn current events going on in our classroom. Other people should look at our blog and pick up ideas and use them elsewhere. I LOVE FIFTH GRADE!!!!!

  16. jphe123 Says:

    People should read our class blog because when they read the student’s posts, they learn alot about our classroom and all the fun activities we do. It feels good to see that people from all over the world are reading and actually replying to our posts! We do so many fun things in Mrs.D’s class. Like last week we had a fireside chat on a novel we are reading called
    ” Among the Hidden” (Haddix). We moved all of our desks and sat on the floor with pillows and answered questions on the smart board. Every time we would answer a question Mrs.D blew out a picture of a fire on the smart board with a little fake fire extinguisher. People should definitely read our class blog to learn more about Mrs.D’s fifth grade class! :0)

  17. blkbwls Says:

    I think other students should visit our blog because we are a Christian environment. I KNOW we will discuss interesting topics. I am sure that any one who visits our blog will love it just as much as we do!!!!!!!!!!

  18. cheergirl318 Says:

    I think that students and classes should visit our class blog because they can see what it is like to be a fifth grader at King’s Ridge.

  19. cbass6297 Says:

    I think blogging will be really fun to do with putting our ideas so that everybody can see them. I know if anybody joins our blog they’ll have a blast. There is also a thing on blog called connect were you can start your own conversations whenever you want . I’m sure blogging will be really fun this year.

  20. awesomekk Says:

    People should visit our class blog because some younger kids want to know what 5 graders do. Also some people in different states or countries want to know what we do in Georgia.


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