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Blogging Challenge #3 October 16, 2010

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Where we live!!!!

So this week’s challenge is to tell the world about the area you live in – your town, your state or province, your country in general.  Tell about the most unusual things to do in and around where we live.  Tell your favorite thing to do that ANYONE visiting Atlanta or Alpharetta MUST DO!  Remember that students from all over the world will be visiting our blog and we should give them a very clear description of where we live!  Think about what our area looks like, what it feels like (the temperature), what it smells like, what it tastes like (the south has very unique food), etc.  Be creative and remember to write at least 5 sentences!  It would be great if you could include a link in your post to your favorite thing to do in Atlanta.


40 Responses to “Blogging Challenge #3”

  1. kelsey dex Says:

    My favorite thing to do in Georgia is to go to the World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia. The coke at the World of Coke tastes like a bowl of different fruits from around the world mixed together. Some of the drinks taste good and some taste bad. It feels cold in the World of Coke because they have to keep all the different cokes fresh. In the World of Coke it looks like a gigantic house with all the different rooms and stair cases. It smells very fruity in the World of Coke if fruity was a word. That is my favorite place in Georgia.
    Kelsey-always flipping

  2. Christie Carpenter Says:

    There are very unique opportunities in Atlanta, GA. Here in Atlanta, it’s hot, cold, windy, rainy, we mainly never have perfect weather:). Some things I love to do in GA are go to the Coke factory, the GA aquarium, six flags, Turner Field, and more! There are some tasty foods too! Peanuts, peaches, and fried foods. There are endless, fun, possibilities in GA.

  3. softballlover5 Says:

    There are unusual possibilities in Atlanta,GA. In GA, the weather is rainy, hot, windy, and cold. The weather is mainly never perfect. What I love to do in GA is go to the Coke factory, GA aquarium, Turner Field, Six Flags, and more! There are tasty foods in GA too like, peanuts, peaches, and fried foods. Atlanta, the heart of GA, is VERY crowded most of the time. If you want to have fun, come to Atlanta,GA!

  4. Cbass Says:

    I live in Alpharetta, GA it is the best place to be. My opinion of the best thing to do is of course go to a Braves Game. The Braves are the best team EVER!!!!!!!!!! If you ever want to go there it’s ballpark name is Turner Field. If you want to get tickets to a game go to this website Bye-bye Braves Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sean Says:

    GA is an unpredictable place.Like in the summer it’s as hot but then in the winter the snow is over your feet! In Georgia there’s no such thing as blending in with crowd! I think Georgia a perfect place for people who live in the city or people who like the country.So come to Georgia andI’d love to see some knew faces around.

  6. arianacm Says:

    My favorite place in Georgia is the Aquarium. The Aquarium smells like FISH!! the food tastes really good. One of my favorites are a salad and the food is fresh. There is one room that is my favorite, it has stairs that you sit on and there are fish in a HUGE tank. They have whale sharks, sharks, tons of colorful fish, and manta rays. Now I think they have dolphins this year. The Aquarium is split up into parts. ther is the coastal fish and the reef fish for example.

  7. Blake B Says:

    My favorite thing to do in Georgia is to visit The Georgia Aquarium.Here in Georgia the weather varies from a cool breeze to hail storms and tornado warnings. The best food you can get, is all at the Varsity. The most unusual thing to do is go to the top of Stone Mountain because it is just a great big rock. Another thing you must do is go to a Braves game. If you go into Atlanta it smells, well, it it depends on what part of Atlanta you are in. If you are near the World of Coke, it will smell like sweet cheery. The architecture of some of the buildings is beautiful.

    • mrsdaughertysclass Says:

      Thanks for adding in a link, Blake!

      mrs. D

      • walker weldon Says:

        Some cool stuff in GA are the GA aqarium, six flags, the cumming fair, and so much more. My absolute favorite thing to do with my family is in the fall go to Daluth rent a cabin with an indoor hot tub and cozy beds. Also if you go to yhe GA aquarim you can see we have the BIGGEST aquarium in the world I just did that because you said you liked it :).

    • cathryn Says:

      Hey, that is funny because I love the Georgia Aquarium too! It rocks!

    • Ty Says:

      Hey Blake, I think its cool how you talked about Stone Mountaiin and the Braves.

  8. marbearcorser7 Says:

    I live in GA and my opinion is that you have to see the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, Turner Field,the Spit Seeing Safari, and a Auburn game defeating Georgia! The Spit Seeing Safari is the best though because you can feed giraffs, deer, baffolo, and zebras. I think the Auburn game would be the second best because I love Auburn and I don’t like Georgia at all!Turner Field would be the third best because the Braves are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The aquarium would be last but not least because it is not as cool as the others.

  9. The Captain Says:

    Georgia is a great place to visit with alot of things to do. The weather is not too hot and not too cold. The people are very friendly and it is fun to live here. We are the Peach State, so you can always get good peaches to eat. Atlanta has many attactions to go to. Some are The World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags, Stone Mountain and Turner Field for baseball. My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is to go to The Sun Dial Restaurant at the top of the Westin Hotel. The Sun Dial spins in a circle while you eat. It is cool because you see for miles around Atlanta. There are signs with directions so you know where you are looking. It is a MUST DO for anyone coming to Atlanta. Here is the website.

    • mrsdaughertysclass Says:

      I agree that is a cool restaurant. I haven’t been there in years, but thanks for reminding me about it. Maybe I should take Naomi and Eli!

      • The Captain Says:

        You should really take them. It is really nice at Christmas time too because it is all decorated. I think they would like it alot.

  10. cathryn Says:

    I live in Roswell.The best place I have gone in Georgia was the Georgia Aguarium. I have done a ton of things at the Georgia Aguarium like sleping under the fish, having a tour, going for Girl Scouts, and for a field trip. The first time I went I did not know because it was a surprise for me after school. When I got to in the car my mom told me and I was so excited! When you go inside all you see is fish and it is cold. The most unusual thing I have done is to go to wine tasting while my mom tries wine. All you get to do is follow them My town is very enteresting, I think you should come.

  11. Grace Ann Says:

    Well, I know you should go to the Georgia Aquarium. There are so many exotic fish that you get to see! I also think you should go see the gold on the top of the Capital Building. I think it is so cool that the whole roof is made of gold! If you want directions to get there click this link.
    I have never been to the World of Coke I hear it is amazing!

  12. Nagachess Says:

    There are many cool things you can do in Atlanta. Atlanta has Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest aquarium), the World of Coca-Cola (my personal favorite!), the CNN Headquarters, Zoo Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park, Stone Mountain, and much more! In the summer, it can get quite hot and in the winter, quite chilly. The North is VERY beautiful – especially in the spring and fall in my opinion. I love the Southern food here! My favorites are sweet tea and fried okra. Atlanta is an AMAZING place to live!

    Here are the links to the places I mentioned above: (World of Coca-Cola) (Georgia Aquarium) (CNN Headquarters) (Zoo Atlanta) (Centennial Olympic Park) (Stone Mountain)

  13. Ty Says:

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia in the southeast of the USA. One thing you need to do when you visit Georgia is to go to the Coca-Cola Museum. You can learn everything about Coke there and try Coke from around the world, but coolest of all you get to see how Coke is made and you get to have a free Coke that they were making while you were in there. Another place to go to is the Georgia Aquarium. It has species from around the world including the whale shark. It is also the world’s largest aquarium. In Georgia; the spring has a sweet smell of the flowers as they bloom. In the fall, you can see the leaves changing very slowly as autumn turns to winter. Also there is a ton of red clay. It is great for planting and helps the soil with all its nutrients. That is one reason why Georgia has so many trees. The food we have here is very similar to other states in the USA, but Georgia is mainly known for its hot BBQ and its sweet peaches. One of my favorite things to do in Georgia is to go to Lake Lanier with my dad and go fishing, but my absolute favorite is playing and hanging out with my friends.

  14. gracie3456 Says:

    Atlanta has so many places to go. But if you are visiting you have to go White Water Rafting. It has the best water slides. It is also the best place to be if you want lots of fun and great memories. There are all sorts of slides, tall, short, steep, and really scary ones. There are lots of other places in Georgia, but overall White Water is the best!

  15. kendall Says:

    Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia. There are many unusual and interesting things to do here in Atlanta. (Since Georgia weather is normally nice you should try to get out and do as much as you can). A few of these things are the Cabbage Patch Hospital, go to a Braves, Falcons, Hawks,or a Thrashers game. A good website to use to find these things is A couple of the most unusual and fun things to do are the World of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium (which is the largest aquarium in the world), and the Fernbank of Natural History. My personal favorite thing to do here is go to Brass Town Valley

  16. laserdog700 Says:

    My favorite place to visit in Georgia is Historic Oakland Cemetery (I go at least once a year). I like to visit to go to the great golfer Bobby Jones’s grave (we put a golfball there every week of the Masters), climb on the Civil War Weeping Lion monument (near the graves of known and unknown Civil War soldiers), watch the trains go by on the rails that have been there since before the Civil War, and visit the three separate sections (Jewish, African American and white). Another great place to visit is the Atlanta Zoo. It is close to Oakland. The place does not smell great, but it has good food! Atlanta is a fun place to visit because of its historic landmarks, and exciting places like the zoo.

  17. Miss W. Says:

    Mrs Daugherty,
    I notice you have my old blog linked on your sidebar. I used to use Technology in the Classroom but I now have Kids in the Mid

  18. jphe123 Says:

    I think Atlanta is amazing! I love going to the Fox Theatre around Christmas time to see the Nutcracker. I love the play, but I am easily distracted by the pretty costumes. I also enjoy going to the Lights of Life at Life College. There are beautiful displays and I enjoy stopping to drink hot chocolate and roast marshmellows. Check Check It Out Hope you go there and enjoy it as much as I do near Christmas.

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