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Blogging Challenge #5 November 1, 2010

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I picked one activity from the many, many activities listed on this weeks challenge. Read the instructions below.

7. A great suggestion from Dragon – We could do a “zoom” post through comments. Choose a picture, and have your readers zoom out, so to speak, by leaving comments. So maybe something simple, like a pillow, and the first commenter describes something bigger around the pillow (like a couch) and the next commenter would write about the room it was in, and the next could zoom out the window and do the house, etc.  If doing this activity, include the word ‘zoom’ in your title so I can find it easily. Remember to give attribution. Most important here is to read previous comments, so you can add to the story.


26 Responses to “Blogging Challenge #5”

  1. The Captain Says:


    The cute, furry koala in the picture is hanging in a tree. It is a bamboo tree and is very sturdy. The tree has alot of green leaves. The koala likes it because he can eat all the delicious leaves. He also spends most of his time sleeping in the tree. He is a very happy koala bear.

  2. Grace Ann Says:

    I was walking in Australia and I found a koala. The koala was so cute. I was so happy that I had seen the koala because that was what I was most looking forward to from my trip. Their were so many bugs and everything all around the koala. Eucalyptus leaves, the forest, the houses, the whole country. It was as if I could only see the the koala because it was so cute and pretty. I could not take my eye off of it. If I did take my eye of it I looked at the Eucalyptus leaves. I ♥ the way the leaves looked. They were very interesting.
    ~ Grace Ann Geer

    • mrsdaughertysclass Says:

      Grace Ann,

      I love that you are using html code in your posts! I LOVE that you learned something and then continue to use that knowledge to build on what you know!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

      Mrs. D

  3. awesome2000 Says:

    When I was walking in Australia I found a Kola.It was big and furry and eating leaves.These leaves were coming off a tree that looked like bamboo tree. I wish I could take it home.:)

  4. cbass7 Says:

    I was walking through a path in the forest, and at the corner of my eye I saw a furry koala bear. It was sitting on a eucalyptus tree snug with his family. He was in his tree eating eucalyptus leaves, in the forest, in the country, in the entire world. It was the the cutest koala bear I have ever seen.

  5. arianacm Says:


    I was exploring the Gumbo trees when I saw this furry,grey,big nosed,big eared,tiny eyed,andslow moving Koala bear. This animal is not related to a bear actualy it is related to a racooon. The Koala species is on the endangered list. Thank god we are helping them to survive!!!

  6. theawesomeone54 Says:

    While walking through the outback in Australia, I saw a koala high in a tree. It was a eucalyptus tree and the koala was sleeping as usual. They sleep around 18 hours a day. The air was warm in the area and the land was dry but full of green. I thought it was interesting the koala slept and ate in the same tree. They move slowly and I guess it saves them a trip.

  7. Nagachess Says:


    I was on an adventure to visit as many countries in the world as I could in one year when I stopped in Australia. On the full day tour, I had spotted a koala bear climbing a eucalyptus tree while walking through a forest in the outback. The koala reminded me of all the different animals I had already seen, like elephants, giraffes, and alligators. The eucalyptus tree reminded me of the different plants I had observed, like the beautiful tulips in the Netherlands and the lovely hibiscuses in Malaysia. All of these memories of my fabulous tours made me want to explore the world even more. So even though Australia had been a spectacular place to visit, I set off to discover the rest of the world till the day I would die!

  8. Christie Carpenter Says:

    Zooming In and Out.

    When I was walking through the Bronx Zoo, I found a koala. It was in a cage with other koalas. When I was done looking at the other animals in the zoo, I went to City Park which is located in New York. After New York, I had to take a flight to texas. When I was in Texas, I went in a rocket ship and went to see the Earth. When I was going up past the Milky Way, I saw the whole Universe. To think my journey just began with seeing a koala at the Bronx Zoo in New York.

    • abby Says:

      hiya everyone! i LOVE your writings. They are so descripitive and creative, mrs daugherty has taught you well. =) 🙂 :]

  9. jphe123 Says:

    Zoom into Australia!

    I was walking along through Australia and I saw a furry, gray, beautiful koala. It was sitting high in a tree. Around the koala I saw different animals like birds, monkeys, insects and so much more. Everywhere I looked I saw colorful flowers. They were green, red, pink, and orange. I loved my trip to Austrailia. There was so much to see. I only wish I could go back again. &hearts


  10. kelsey dex Says:

    I was walking in Australia and I found a furry, gray, cute, small koala. It was sitting on a green, leafy tree. Up higher in the tree, It was the koala’s family. The koala’s eyes where giant, big, and of course cute. I could tell that the animal was happy because there were so many other animals that loved him and kept him safe. Australia was my favorite trip of all time. I wish I could stay.
    Kelsey Dex

  11. Ty Says:

    I was walking around in Australia on vacation and I found a koala in an ucalictus tree. I observed as it gracefully ate the green ucalistus leaves, then I looked around and saw where I was. I was in the middle of a ucalictus tree garden with hundreds of koalas surrounding me. It was a magnificent site. I wish I could have taken a koala home with me.

  12. walker weldon Says:


    When I was walking through the rainforest I saw a koala bear that was sleeping in its tree. The koala reached his hand down and grabes a leaf, I was thinking if he can grab a leaf why not take it out of my hand. I reached up to the koala bear and he kissed my hand it tickled so much, I only wish he could talk.

  13. mary Says:

    When I was walking through bambo I found a koala bear climbing through the tree with its baby. I reached up and tuched the koala bear. It tried to scratch my hand, but before it could I pulled my hand away. I really wished I could’ve heard what the koala bear thoughts about me.

  14. Blake B Says:

    I was walking around in the Australian Outback when I saw a forest in the distance. I decided to steer my kangaroo “Boxer”, to ride me in that direction. I must say it was a bumpy ride.(I cannot exaggerate enough!!!)
    I had an amazing time in Australia but its time to head back to my mates in America!

  15. laserdog700 Says:


    Walking through a forest I come across a watering hole. Near that hole there is a koala on a tree stuffing its mouth with leaves. I approach cautiously, careful not to disturb it. The koala pays me no attention and continues eating. I observe the koala who has finally gone to sleep. I continue walking past the koala until the trees obscure my vision of the watering hole, while the koala sleeps on.

  16. kendall Says:


    I was walking in Australia in a rainforest on vacation and I saw a cute and cuddly koala. So the first thing I think of is oh I want to hold it. I walk over to the koala in the tree and put my hands on it like you would if you would pick it up and……. he bites me!! The first thing that pops in my mind is run away!! I thought that it would be a normally koala and like totally run and get away from me but he doesn’t insted he desides to attack me. By totally jumping on me! My mom freaks out and screams that scares the koala away. After getting bandaged up, we go and get a bite to eat.

  17. gracie3456 Says:


    I was walking in Australia on a tour and I saw a koala. The koala was eating leaves on a tree. The tree was in a big forest. There were not many other koalas. This was the only koala with a baby in its pouch. It was so cute. I wish I could of kept it!

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