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What are your Thanksgiving Plans? November 14, 2010

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We are going to take a break from the blogging challenge this week.  I would like to know what your Thanksgiving plans are going to be.  Are you going out of town or do you stay home?  Where are you going to eat Thanksgiving dinner?  What time do you eat dinner and what unusual food, if any, does your family eat?  Also, why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?  Go to this website come back and tell us one new thing you learned about Thanksgiving!


23 Responses to “What are your Thanksgiving Plans?”

  1. Grace Ann Says:

    For Thanksgiving we stay home. For Thanksgiving we always have turkey! We also have sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, corn souffle, peas from south GA, dressing, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie. We always eat in the dining room with all of our family. We normally eat Thanksgiving dinner at 2:00. I learned that the celebration lasted three whole days and that the Indians might not have even gotten invited, but that the sound of muskets getting shot made them want to go and help.

    • Grace Ann Says:

      We celebrate Thanksgiving because we are thankful for all we have!

    • jphe123 Says:

      Grace Ann, Your Thanksgiving dinners sound exciting. We don’t usually eat in the dining room, we just eat with a family member and talk. Some sit in the sunroom, others outside, and the boys settle in for some kind of football game.

  2. kelsey dex Says:

    I learned that a peace sign on a rock meant turkey.
    Our Thanksgiving plans are…

    My family is going to Augusta, Georgia because my dads grandma and grandpa live there. We go there every year for Thanksgiving. My grandma makes the best turkey! We eat our Thanksgiving food in the dinning room. We eat around 5:20. We eat cranberries, stuffing, turkey, mash potatoes, string green beans, and much more. We eat apple pie for dessert. Those are my family traditions. Thanksgiving is a special holiday!
    -Kelsey Dex

  3. cathryn Says:

    I am staying home on Thanksgiving but, going to my grandparent’s house. I am having Thanksgiving dinner at their house and we usual have it late. We usual have turkey , stuffing, and many more sides. One thing that I learned was that the first Thanksgiving was not called Thanksgiving it was called The 1621 Harvest Celebration.

  4. Blake B Says:

    For Thanksgiving my family is staying home. It’s pretty much what we do every year. I will eat turkey and my mom will make ME gut it!!! >: (-
    YUUUUCK!!! My dad always eats the heart and liver. And if he doesn’t eat it, then it goes in the gravy.(No wonder I never have eaten gravy and actually LIKED it!)

  5. The Captain Says:

    Hello, I am going out of town to Walt Disney World for Thanksgiving. We do this almost every year and meet my mom’s family there. I will get to see my aunt, uncle and all my cousins. We usually have Thanksgiving dinner at one of the hotels at Disney. This year it is at the Polynesian, my mom made the reservations. I don’t know what I’ll eat yet but not turkey, I hate it. Our reservations are at 7:00 pm. We go back to the Magic Kingdom after dinner. We celebrate Thanksgiving to remember to give thanks to God for all that we have. I learned alot about Thanksgiving by looking at the website. One thing was that the settlers stole corn from the Wampanoag Indians and the settlers used chamber pots.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. arianacm Says:

    for thanksgiving I’m going to Florida and I might get a stomach ache because my grandmother going to cook a banquett for >BB< people!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cbass Says:

    I am staying at home for Thanksgiving. My grandparents will come and enjoy urkey, stuffing, sweet and regular mashed potatoes, and much more. We will eat at around 5:30. I learned that Thanksgiving wasn’t thangsgiving back then, it was actually called “The 1621 Harvest Celebration.”

  8. Nagachess Says:

    For Thanksgiving, I am going to be in Paris because my dad has a job assignment there. Then I am going to fly over to Malaysia and Singapore. I will probably be eating my Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and dad at a restaurant. I do not know what time I am going to eat my Thanksgiving dinner because first of all, there is a 6 hours time difference between Paris and the United States!!! I do not know what they will serve at the restaurant so, no comments! We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks to God for all He has done for us. I learned from the website that at the time of the harvest celebration, there were about seven houses in Plymouth Colony.

  9. gracie3456 Says:

    I learned that their storage was underground and all of their rock symbols

    For Thanksgiving I am driving to Kentucky to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I don’t know what we will have because I have never been there on Thanksgiving, so who knows what weird food I will have.

    We celebrate Thanksgiving to celebrate who and what we are thankful for .

  10. Ty Says:

    My Thanksgiving plans are to go to my Grandparents’ house in Jacksonville. Later on the brake, I’m going to go to Orlando, Florida where I am going to be at Universal Studios. I love to eat grandma’s turkey on Thanksgiving, because it’s so good. We normally eat Thanksgiving dinner around 2:00p.m. We don’t really ever have any unusual foods for Thanksgiving. I think we celebrate Thanksgiving because it helps us remember to give thanks to our great country that we live in and everything else in our lives that we love like are friend and family. I learned from the website that the Colonist and the Wampanoag people were not best friends and that Thanksgiving wasn’t in November it was in October.

  11. Christie Carpenter Says:

    For Thanksgiving this year I am going to my friend’s house, Kelsey Kasischke. We are not having any unusual food. It’s just going to be a normal Thanksgiving.

    I’ll get back to you on what Thanksgiving means.

  12. Walker Weldon Says:

    I eat Thanksgiving at my house with my family and grandparents. We eat at around six o’clock. We always go on vacation for the next few days, we go to the mountains and rent a cabin. I love spending time with my family and grandparents o Thanksgiving Day and play checkers with my grandma.

  13. kendall Says:

    For Thanksgiving I usually go to this amazing place called Brass Town Valley but this year my grandmother is in the hospital so my dad wanted to stay home but the rest of the family didn’t so we (we as in my brother, mom, and I) went to my mom’s dad’s pond. We are not sure were we are going to be for Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s or stay at my grandpa’s but we will for sure be with family. We normally start to eat Thanksgiving dinner at about 5:00 to 5:30 we start so early because we all talk and catch up. We celeabrate Thanksgiving to give thanks to everyone who does for us.

    I learned on that website that 27 Wampanoag men were killed by english explors (that is alot!)


  14. Christie Carpenter Says:

    We celebrate Thanksgiving so we can give thanks for everything we have.

  15. jphe123 Says:

    Over Thanksgiving break I’m going to my Grandma’s house. In my personal opinion she makes the best food! The whole family gets together and we play ball in the field behind my Garndma’s house. Then we go in and eat trukey, ham, creamed corn, and great deserts. Then we pick secret santas for Christmas. This year I got my favorite cousin Brynn, and my Aunt Brooke got me.Over all I love going to my Grandma’s house for the best food!

  16. laserdog700 Says:

    This week for Thanksgiving I will go to my grandparent’s house(they are literally “over the river and through the woods” because you have to cross the Cartecay River and go through the Chattahochee National Forest). When we get there, we usually eat turkey, stuffing, ham, asparagus, fruit, pickles, cranberry jelly,rolls, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. We don’t eat anything unusual, except one year I had grits casserole! We celebrate Thanksgiving to thank God for our many blessings He has granted us.
    What I learned about Thanksgiving was that the first Thanksgiving wasn’t really a Thanksgiving, it was a harvest festival.

  17. Nadia Says:


    I celebrated thanksgiving on the real day so i had to go to sleep really late. I love thanksgiving so much, I really think it shows how thankful you are for what you have. I also thought that thanksgiving means you make new friends so i made a friend when i had thanksgiving dinner. In music we had sang a lot of thanksgiving songs.

    From: Nadia

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