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Digital Footprint November 26, 2010

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What is included in having a positive digital footprint? When should you start using your proper name and photo of yourself rather than an avatar?    Who is responsible for showing you how to be internet savvy? What information do you include on profiles when you register at a website?  Write a post about your own digital footprint.  Give examples of where you can be found on the web.  Also include in your post how to stay safe on the internet.


22 Responses to “Digital Footprint”

  1. The Captain Says:

    My digital footprint is pretty easy because I am not on the Internet that much. I can be found on Mrs. Daugherty’s website, the Storm baseball team website, my gmail account and YouTube. My parents really watch what I do on the Internet. I mostly only use it to do things for school. The best way to stay safe on the Internet is not to give out your personal information. You also shouldn’t put a picture of yourself out there. There could be bad people looking for kids to hurt. Always know who you are giving information or talking to on the Internet. Another good way to be safe is always have your parents watch what you are doing online.

  2. jphe123 Says:

    My positive digital footprint includes an email account, this blog, and a glog account. I think that parents and teachers should help guide students toward safe places to be on the internet. My parents have always told me that any pictures or comments I post will always be on the internet and are not removeable. As far as posting a picture in place of an avatar, that is a matter of personal comfort and parent permission. Things you post to Facebook and other places such as Myspace or Twitter can be used against you when looking for a job or college. That’s something to think about. (-;

  3. Cbass7 Says:

    My digital footprint is pretty easy because I only have accounts from gmail, blog, glog, and Mrs.Daugherty’s website. I also play games on the internet. I go to most of the time. My Parents normally watch what I do on the internet. To stay safe on the internet is to not give out your personal information because someone out there might want to hurt you. If you give out your address our a picture of your self they could look you up and go to your house. Also to stay safe is to have your parents watch what you’re doing on the internet. 😉

  4. happytapper321 Says:

    OK so now that there is no connect I want to try something!!! I want to see if this will be in color!!!.

  5. Christie Carpenter Says:

    I use my digital footprint for email, blog, glog, my softball team’s website, and voicethread. How to be safe on the internet:
    1) NEVER put your personal picture on the web.
    2) Make sure you don’t go on any web page that you don’t know is safe or not.
    3) If you see something inappropriate, “x” out of the web page the instant you see it.

    I hope you have learned how to be safe on the internet!


  6. Walker Weldon Says:

    I use my digital footprint on kings ridge, all of Mrs. Daugherty’s websites, and gmail. I use to go to addicting com but i saw one game and then BAM i was gone from that site again. Some ways to be safe are don’t put any personnel pictures up, don’t video chat with anyone unless there friends or someone who’s responsible. I like for my dad to see a site that Im going to and see if there are any viruses if there are green checkmarks its o.k. to go on. Thanks for listening!

  7. Ty Says:

    A digital footprint is something that shows all the things you have done on your computer. So to be safe about it, you should always make sure what you say online is not inappropriate, it does not hurt anybody’s feelings, and if you wouldn’t do it in real life then you shouldn’t do it online. You should only use your proper name and photo of yourself when you are dealing with someone you know or trust. The main person responsible for teaching you how to be internet savvy is your parents. I think the only information you should put on a website is your email address. I can be found on some of my favorite websites and my teacher’s webpage.

  8. happytapper321 Says:

    My positive digital footprint is pretty simple. I don’t go on many different websites just three or four that I am on a lot. You can find me on my email, this website, KR website ( Click Here to go to it) , and Mrs.Daugherty’s Quia page. You should only use your real name if it is a private website. The main person to teach you how to be safe on the net is your parents. They should give you rules to follow so you can be safe. When you make an account on a website you should never put anything that isn’t mandatory to put. You also shouldn’t put your real name. To be safe on the internet don’t enter chat rooms or click on ads. Especially if it says you won a free… That is my digital footprint.

  9. kendall Says:

    My ditgital footprint is something I use for my email, glog, blog, voicethread, and my King’s Ridge account. Here are some ways to stay positive on the computer….
    1) Never put a picture of your face on the computer
    2) Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say off-line
    3) Before you send think about what you are sending “will it offend anyone” “is it something I will regret”
    Hope you use these tips and stay POSITIVE!!!!!

  10. Blake B Says:

    I usually visit to play games and what not. The only online account I have and keep track of is my g-mail. My mom always watches what I do on the computer. You should only post a picture of yourself online and use your real name if you are an adult. I don’t think anybody under 18 should have a Facebook or Twitter. If you see something bad online; close the page IMMEDIATELY!!! A lot of times websites ask for your birthday. Don’t give your REAL birthday, give a FAKE one. I’m not really found online too much.

  11. cathryn Says:

    I use my digital footprint for email, glog, blog, softball, and voicethread.

    Ways to be safe on the internet :

    * Never put information about yourself or a picture.

    * Don’t go on a webpage that might be bad.

    Thanks for reading and be careful of what you post.

  12. laserdog700 Says:

    My digital footprint is usually hard to recognize on any site I go to. The only sites I go to that I display a picture are gmail and blogster, where even then my prints are hard to recognize. Never use a real photo or your real name because bad people could trace the evidence back to you and, well… kidnap you. Never put things on the web that you would not say in real life. When a website asks for your e-mail, never give it to the website without your parents permission. Last, only give your parents your online passwords and never let Windows remember your password. Basically, you should do anything to keep you safe on the Web.

  13. kelsey dex Says:

    I use my digital footprint on my e-mail, itunes, blog, glog, and webkinz. You should always be safe on the computer. Try these tips…
    *Don’t go into a chat room.
    *If something say you won a free computer just put in your adress and you will get it soon. Never do it.
    *Never respond to a spam.
    Those are just a few safety tips on computers. Remember be safe on computers.

  14. gracie3456 Says:

    My digital footprint includes my gmail, this blog,and the glog. I don’t think you should put a picture of yourself on the internet at all. You should never put your address in unless you are ordering something, you should on only put your first name and sometimes you e-mail. i am not found on the internet much. Stay safe by never giving your address or full name to someone you don’t know.

  15. theawesomeone54 Says:

    Your digital footprint shows all the activity you have on your computer, and how accessible you are. My parents are the main people who have taught me to use good judgement when using the computer and how to be careful. My teacher has also helped. I try to include as little personal information as possible. Never include more than is necessary because it can make you vulnerable to others or put your identity at risk. I use gmail, email sometimes, and several games online. I also use the internet for class assignments, as you can see.

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