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Last post for the blogging challenge…. December 5, 2010

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Here is our last blogging challenge post…We will participate in the blogging challenge again in the spring.

Visit these class blogs to leave at least three comments altogether – Mrs Ratzel, Mrs Buist, Mrs YollisMr MillerThe Ripple Effect, Miss NicholsClimb HighFreeville Room 5, Mrs Ross’s class,   Through our window ( a competition for December), CO-Connections, Huzzah4/5/6/Learning Centre and 5th grade bobcats.  Come back and tell which blogs you posted on and why!  I especially love the Through our window site and would love for all of you to participate in that one so we can get the prize!!!!!


21 Responses to “Last post for the blogging challenge….”

  1. Hi Mrs. Daugherty the other blogs where good. I liked Mrs. Ross’s class blog most. It was reel fun blogging there.when are we going to have our next class video? I can’t wait It’s been so much fun blogging. Ilove blogging.

  2. theawesomeone54 Says:

    I posted on Mrs. Buist. Her Super Scoopers did a nice job with their video and I like their New Zealand accents. I also posted on Huzzah. It is a creative site and I thought it was interesting what they did with the shapes. Last, I posted on Ripple Effect about how cool their blog was. it showed videos by other kids, sort of like the Mrs. Buist blog.

  3. The Captain Says:

    I am picking #4 Your Choice for the Through Our Window December blog competition.

    December is a great month for basketball. I start having practice in early December and my first game is on December 11th. It is good to play basketball in December because it is inside. It is too cold to play any other sport for me at this time of season. I always look forward to start playing basketball because I know Christmas is not that far away. I hope that December starts a great season for me and my team, the Razorbacks.


  4. The Captain Says:


    I posted to four websites that were listed above. The first was the December competition on Through Our Window, you can see my post on our blog. I really hope everyone does it, so we have a chance to win. The second was Climb High and I really liked it. The kids made a Pirate Island out of gingerbread and other candies. You could eat it all. They are going to put it up for bid. The third was Mrs. Ross’s class who made sandwiches for those in need. The photos were really good and it was nice of them to help people. The last was The Ripple Effect who were doing a dance off. It was Pivot Animation that I never saw before. They were all pretty good sites to see.

  5. Cbass6297 Says:

    I visited the through our window website. I liked the talking guy. I love basketball. It’s great indoors and I wouldn’t go outside in this cold weather. I have practice on Fridays and games on Saturday. We lost our first game last Saturday. I love that I can say that “Christmas is almost here.”

  6. Mr Poole Says:

    Hello to the students of Mrs. Daugherty’s Class!

    This is Mr. Poole from the Through Our Window Room 101 blog. I am very excited to see the post you choose to include in our contest and I want to wish you all luck! The contest will be judged by five different judges from five different countries! I just wanted to thank your class for visiting our blog and leaving us comments. 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Mr. Poole

  7. Blake B Says:

    I visited Mrs. Ratzel Mrs. Yollis and Huzzah. The Huzzah site has a cool video. All of the blogs are awesome but I still LOVE ours!!!:-)

  8. Ty Says:

    I posted for three coments this week. I posted on Through our window for Holiday because I thought it would be nice to write about Christmas again.I also posted on the Riple Effect because I thought it was interesting how their class made stickfigure animations. Finnaly, I posted on Climb High for their Pirate Gingerbread Island because it was so cute and looked like fun.

  9. cheergirl318 Says:

    Do you have a favorite thing to do during the December month? I do I live in Georgia so rarly we get snow but when we do my favorite thing to do is build a snowman with my family.

  10. cheergirl318 Says:

    I did my blogs on Freeville room 5, The ripple effect, and Through our window. I posted on Freevilleroom 5 because Freeville is a cool name. i posted on The ripple effect because that is like the awesomest name ever doesnt it just echo in your head ripple ripple ripple ripple effect effect effect effect (hehehe) lastly I posted on through our window basicly because Mrs. Daugherty told us to. 😀

  11. Christie Carpenter Says:

    Cold, Snowy, Winter!
    Christmas, Stockings, Presents, Fun!
    Mittens, Hats, Boots, Coats!

  12. Christie Carpenter Says:

    One of the blogs I did was the Through Our Window. It was really fun and creative!

  13. laserdog700 Says:

    I was interested in several blogs this week that I visited. The first one I visited was the Ripple Effect because I wondered what in the world a ripple effect was; now I know. The second site I went to was Huzzah because I have an interest in geometry and that triangle was cool!!! The final site was Mrs. Buist because I picked a random site and it turned out to be really cool!!:-) I agree that the blogs I went to were very creative and educational!

  14. Christie Carpenter Says:

    The other 2 i visited was Mr. Miller’s and Climb High.
    Mr. Miller’s class got broken into by thieves!

  15. cathryn Says:

    I posted on three blogs. The Ripple effect,climb high, and Mrs.Ross’s. I liked all of them in differnt ways. The ripple effect had awesome videos. The climb high had an incredible pirate ship. Mrs.Ross’s because they helped the hungry. I think they all were awesome!

  16. jphe123 Says:

    I visited Mrs.Yollis’s blog, Mr. Miller’s, and the Huzzah! I liked the zooooom activity. It was fun to add on to other people’s post and make a story like we did with the koala bears. I liked Mrs.Yollis’s blog and how they had the family blog challenge. The family blog could get people interested in blogging if they didn’t like it before and give family members a new way to communicate.

  17. kelsey dex Says:

    I love blogging!! Our blog is the best to me because it has creativity and fun. The other blogs are boring and they did not have many comments or blogs. I liked the zoom activity we did. I wish we could blog every year. Mrs. Daugherty is the best teacher in the world and at blogging. I heard we got like 1-100 for the best blogs. Once again- I love blogging.

  18. Marlene Baumann Says:

    Congratulations! I know that you all love to talk…so I am not surprised that you are good at blogging! Congrats to Mrs. D for supervising and encouraging good internet manners and safety!

  19. Grace Ann Says:

    I posted on Mrs. Ross, Climb High, and Mr. Miller. I thought they were all really cool. I have only seen a few other blogs beside ours so I really liked it. I love the new Christmas them though!!

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