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7 Random Facts January 2, 2011

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Okay – this week for the blog we are going to do something different.  I would like you to give me 7 random facts about yourself.  These should be facts that most people in the class don’t know and that are interesting and unique to you.  Here are my 7 random facts:

1. I have to sleep on the right side of the bed.

2. I had 4 car accidents by the time I was 21 (I haven’t had any since :-)).

3.  I hate to wash the dishes, so Fred mostly does the dishes at our house.

4. I am always cold.

5. I yell at the TV while watching sports.

6. I love to cook.

7. I want to take tap dancing lessons.

Okay – so now it is time for you to share your random facts.  Be sure to comment on a friends post!

Mrs. D


40 Responses to “7 Random Facts”

  1. Christie Carpenter Says:

    1) I have tried all of the following hobbies/activities. Softball, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, cheerleading, track, horse back riding, tap dance, ballet, and more!

    2) I have 19 cousins on my mom’s side of the family and 5 on my dad’s.

    3)I love to cook.

    4)I was born in Michigan.

    5) When I sleep I kick, punch, sleep-talk, sleep-walk, roll over, and take ALL of the blankets.

    6) I took a part in the 4th grade track meet at KR last year.

    7) My eyes get a tint of a different color depending on what I’m wearing.

  2. The Captain Says:


    Here are my 7 random facts:

    1. I don’t like ice in my drinks.

    2. I was over 11 pounds when I was born.

    3. I have my own special touchdown dance.

    4. I don’t like any fruits or vegetables.

    5. I have an extra-wide foot.

    6. I wanted to play second base when I was little.

    7. I love cinnamon rolls.

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s random facts.

  3. Walker Weldon Says:

    Hey! Here are some random facts about me

    1. I am double jointed.
    2. I did gymnastics when i was little.
    3. I have to be tucked in to go to sleep.
    4. I have been on the 50th percentile for height since i was born.
    5. I took at least 30 break dance classes when i was little.
    6. I have two birthmarks.
    7. I have had a poison ivy on my foot since i was four.

  4. Cbass6297 Says:

    Here are some random facts about me!
    1. I’ve tried playing all these sports baseball, basketball, tennis, football, swimming, track.
    2. I was in the KR track meet in 4th grade last year.
    3.I am right-handed but left-footed.
    4.I sleep-walk and sleep-talk
    5.I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    6.In baseball I play pitcher, shortstop, 1st base, and a little bit of catcher, in football I play runningback, QB, and WR, and in basketball I play Point Guard.

  5. Ty Says:

    1.I lived in Orlando,Florida for four years.
    2.I love photography.
    3.I always sleep on the middle of the bed.
    4.One of my favorite vactions is when I went to San Fransisco.
    5.I want to be an engineer when I grow up.
    6.I love to build things.
    7.I am half cuban from my mother’s side.

  6. arianacm Says:

    1. I rode a cow when i was in panama
    2. my grandmother,mother,and I don’t know all our cousins
    3. my mom and I love to bake bread together
    4. I hate 3-D movies
    5. when I grow up I want a pit bull
    6. my dad, Juliet, and I love to rough play
    7. I am a blue belt in karate (I stopped when I was about 6)

  7. kelsey dex Says:

    Here are my 7 random facts!!

    I got an ipod-touch for Christmas.
    I love to do gymnastics and cook.
    I love Rosemary beach!!
    I can do 5 backhand springs in a row (pretty much flips)
    I love fruit.
    I loved crushed up ice in my drinks.
    I love Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!!!

    That was a fun blog!!!

  8. jphe123 Says:

    Here are some facts about me,
    1. My Tennis team went to the Championships last year, but we lost 30 to 31!
    2. Keanu Reeves is my cousin.
    3. Sang the National Anthem at the Braves game in 2010.
    4. Born in Marrieta, GA
    5. I am part Hawaiian on my Dad’s side.
    6. I’ve worn glasses since I was four.
    7. I broke my ankle when I was five and had two surgeries, thirteen stiches, and a pin! (PS: It was broken for a year!)

    Jordan 😉 🙂 ;~)

  9. gracie3456 Says:

    1. I love to cook.
    2. I love to do gymnastics.
    3. I ranked sixth in gymnastics in the state meet.
    4. I love cucumbers!!
    5. I love the Ohio State basketball team.
    6. I have only had strep once in my whole life.
    7. I have fractured my wrist.

  10. cheergirl318 Says:

    Here are 7 interesting facts about me:)

    1. I am terrified of of escalators!!

    2. I love to watch Jeff Gordon in nascar.

    3. I LOVE Disney World I love been 6 times and I am going again in February for the Daytona 500. (hint hint I did Walt Disney for my research paper)

    4. I like to go fishing at my Grandpa’s pond. (but I HATE baiting my own hook)

    5. I love to bake desserts.

    6. I HATE to be hot or cold

    7. My favorite tv show is Cake Boss.

    Hope you learned something new about me! 🙂

  11. Blake B Says:

    1. My best friend, Tommy, is younger than me but in a higher grade
    2. I’ve always been one of the tallest kids in my class
    3. When I was little,I would tell my parents I was from China
    4. My parents are devorced
    5.I’ve always been in the 90th+ percentile for height
    6. I love books
    7. I used to live on lake lanier

  12. cathryn Says:

    1.I love softball
    2.I can only sleep on my right side
    3.I have two bedrooms
    4.I have a tv in my room.
    5.I hate elevators
    6.I love pickles
    7.I have a thousand stuff animals.

    I hope you learned something new about me

  13. Grace Ann Says:

    1. I have danced since I was two.
    2. I am double jointed in my arms and wrist. (I’ll show you)
    3. I can lift my leg past my head. (You can also just say I am really flexible like I can do all my splits and stuff flexible.)
    4. I broke my wrist when I was two. (Maybe why I can pop them?)
    5. I have 7 chickens.
    6. My all time favorite type of dance is tap.
    7. For my tap solo last year (have not competed mine this year) I beat 11 and 12 year olds.

  14. Carson Says:

    Some random facts about me are…
    1. I sometimes talk in my sleep.
    2. I am a 6th generation Atlantan.
    3. I love building things with Legos.
    4. My family and I have pancakes (“flying flapjacks”) every Saturday
    5. Every Spring (before the Masters), I put a golfball on Bobby
    Jones’s grave at Oakland (because he is a hero and I like golf).
    6. I used to play baseball.
    7. I am a great storyteller.

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  16. […] 8 random facts about me’.  Check out these posts by students in other schools – Amber, Mrs Daugherty’s grade 5 students, another […]

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