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Historical Fiction January 9, 2011

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Tell me what you are thinking about for your historical fiction essay.  What is your character’s name?  Is his/her master nice or mean (as much as a master can be).  How are they going to escape and what trouble are they going to find along the way?  Write at least one sentence about your journey using figurative language.  Who can remember what figurative language is?  I will be looking for A LOT of figurative language in your essays!

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Mrs. D


21 Responses to “Historical Fiction”

  1. kelsey dex Says:

    My name is going to be Rose Dawson. My master is mean, cruel, strong, and selfish. During the night I will escape and I will start traveling that night but pack a backpack full of all their food and bring their dog because the dog got treated like a slave. The dog along the way almost got bit by a rattlesnake. Figurative language is slang words. A man said to me-“can you dig it” and he said “keep on trucken.”

  2. The Captain Says:


    My character’s name is Jonathan Smitty for my historical fiction essay. His master can be both really mean and really nice. It depends on his mood and the situation. Jonathan is going to escape when his master is gone by getting out a window. He is going to find many troubles along the way. One is that he is going to sit down on a log but it is really a snake. Another is a guard that looks as big as a house, tackles him. These is much more to come in my exciting essay. Figurative language is when you describe something by comparing it with something else. You usually use like or as with it. I will try to use alot of it in my essay.

  3. The Captain Says:

    Sorry, it should be there not these in my 8th sentence.

  4. jphe123 Says:

    In my historical fiction essay, my character’s name is Anna Nickles. In my essay my character will have hair as soft as a feather and eyes as bright as the sun. My character’s clothes, however, are torn and old. Fortunately my master is kind, but I still want to become free. I will escape by going behind the slave quarters and sneaking off into the woods. While I am walking in the woods, I hear foot steps. I soon realize that I am hearing more than just one person’s foot steps. I hear the foot steps of many people. In the foot steps I hear eagerness, and I am not sure yet what these people are eager about! Are they chasing me, or are they slaves just like me?

  5. gracie3456 Says:

    My characters name is Sophia she is 15 years old. She sneaks out with her family through an old window in the back of the house. Her master is too mean and he doesn’t care about his slaves so that he doesn’t notice.

  6. Blake B Says:

    In my historical fiction essay, my character’s name is “Harrison Bowles”. He is 18 years old and has been working since age 5. So he knows the layout of the huge plantation his wealthy master owns. His master is nice to him (most of the time). He escapes by scaling a gigantic 8ft. wall. If you want to read the about the rest of Harrison’s journey, then you’ll have to read the final product.

  7. cathryn Says:

    Her name is Niki Jones. Her master is nice but his voice scares her. She is going to wait until they are sick and ask them if they need her to go to the store. The troubles that She is going to find along the way is that she runs into a slave owner, almost gets shot, and loses her cousin.Figurative language is when you decribe something by comparing it. It was so ruff of a jurney, it felt like I walked around the world twice.

  8. Carson Says:

    My character’s name is Richard,and he is 12 1/2 years of age. He is 4ft. 6in. tall and he is as skinny as a pipe with rags for clothes. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. He lives on a plantation on the southern tip of Florida. His master is so cruel he beats him for no reason and feeds him food scraps. His master also gave him his nickname, “Pipe.” Richard escapes by hiding in a cotton field, and after dark he breaks into the tool shed and steals a hatchet. He meets up with 3 other slaves and they become hopelessly lost with bounty hunters right on their tail!

  9. Grace Ann Says:

    My character is Annie. I am thirteen years old and am escaping by myself. I escape when my master goes for a dinner party and forgot to lock the door. I get to start my journey not knowing what to do but then I hear a song. It told me to follow the drinking gourd, so that’s what I did. My journey goes well until I get to the Ohio River and the ice starts to crack because I left later than I should have!! I had to run half a mile across the river and that ice cracked and melted faster than my feet could run. It was cracking as fast as a cheetah can run. Once I get to Canada I sleep a couple of nights and then head for the city so I can get a job, house, and a whole new life!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Ty Says:

    My character’s name is Toby Smith. His master is a cruel man that worked like a mule. My character will escape during the night in a frightful sprint towards the woods. He will find trouble with soldiers on the way but will escape. Later on he will hide in the woods and rest there. When he gets to the Ohio River, the soldiers are right behind him shooting in a flurry of bullets. He dashes for the other side of the river and makes it to freedom. Figurative language is a pair of words that make comparisons such as idioms or similes.

  11. arianacm Says:

    i would have a very kind master but, the mistress would be very mean and bitter to every slave so I ran away during the night.I would take 2 coon hounds with me. during the journey i would take a horse from a conductor that died from old age.

  12. Christie Carpenter Says:

    My character’s name is Abigal Dawson. My master is cruel, mean, selfish, and inconsiderate. My character will escape during the night and begin her journey there. My character will have troubles along the way, but she will free herself from slavery. Figurative language is either a simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, or an idiom.

  13. cbass7 Says:

    My character’s name is Joe Hanson. I am 32 years old with a family a horse and a dog. We have a nasty master who only cares about himself. He has no need to help others. I escape when he’s not watching. I ride my horse while being chased by bloodhounds. If you want to hear the rest you can read my final draft.

  14. cheergirl318 Says:

    Ok so I am really excited for my historical fiction essay, my name is Kristin Williams. My master is so mean and very selfcentered. The way I am going to escape is at night when my master is tucking in the kids and I am helping him do that Ia m going to say “Oh my gosh did you hear that screaming I’ll go see if there is anyone out there so if there is they don’t bother us or the kids” and he’ll say “whatever I do not care” so I’ll go out there and look all around then walk down the front porch steps and act like I fell in the bushes but I didn’t so then I will ran and start my journey. For all my troubles I will hear a slave being taken back in the town, I will ran in to Harreit Tubman, and I will drop my jornal on the Ohio river and go back for it. And lasty figurative language is either a simile,idiom, hyperbole,metaphor, or a personification. And an sentence containing a figurative language is, When I crossed the Ohio river my feet were as cold as ice.

  15. Walker Weldon Says:

    In the Historical Fiction essay my name is Ike Johnston, My master doesn’t really talk much. He is very closed-mouth. I secretly escaped with a devious plan, I found that the hinge pin is loose so i loosened it up and then snook out with many other slaves. Luckily, i found Harriet Tubman on my flee. Scared, i felt like someone was watching us and i had no idea when someone was going to shoot us. Luckily i make it to freedom safely and make and i happier than a man that just ate a ten pound meal.

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