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How would you describe adjectives? January 30, 2011

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Watch this Grammar Rock video on adjectives.  After you have watched the video explain in your own words what an adjective is.  Then, write a few adjectives from the video.  Finally, describe your bedroom using descriptive adjectives – paint a picture for the reader.  Remember, don’t use too many adjectives  – it will pain your reader! 🙂


22 Responses to “How would you describe adjectives?”

  1. Christie Carpenter Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a person, place, or thing. Some words from the video are windy, tall, stinky, mean, friendly, boyish, and flat. My bedroom is a small room with a beachish theme. My bed is tiny and wooden. I have a soft, comfortable, black chair in the corner of my room. I have a medium, white desk in the other corner of my room. then I have a wooden dresser on one of my walls.

  2. The Captain Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a person, place, or thing. You can use one or more adjectives to describe. Some adjectives from the video are foggy, stinky, soggy, muddy, scary, hairy, boyish, and flat. My bedroom is totally outrageous and all sports. It is a large room with two walk in closets. It is painted a sky blue color and I have a dark blue bed. It looks like an Florida Gator explosion! Everywhere you look you see orange and blue. There is a huge Tim Tebow Fathead on my right wall. I have a light wood dresser, chest and bookcase. My room is covered with shiny trophies and all kinds of sports items. It is my favorite room in the house!

  3. theawesomeone54 Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a person, place, or thing. It describes a noun. Some adjectives used in the video were boyish, friendly, scary, fresh, hairy, sunny, muddy, brainy, and frustrating. My room is awesome. It is painted light blue and has a big, brass bed. I have huge bookshelves covering two walls. They hold my big trophies and special awards, and also lots of colorful, interesting books. Over my desk, there is a lifesized fathead of me on the wall playing football. On my large, cherry wood dresser is my flat screen tv, and there is a comfortable, brown leather chair and ottoman for relaxing. It is my man cave!

  4. cathryn Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. All the adjectives in the clip was hairy, scary, boyish, idiotic, bullish, stationary, fun, wooded, perfect, rocky ,tall, windy, cloudy, sandy, prickly, brainy, rainy ,frustrating, dumb, worst, soggy, foggy, pretty, muddy, sunny, stinky, dry, natural, bumpy, friendly, flowery, flat, and fresh. My room is purple with wooden furniture. It is very pretty because it has purple, pink, zebra, and poka dots. It is a perfect room to sleep in. It has a tall dresser. It’s my favorite room!

  5. arianacm Says:

    an adjective is a word that describes a noun. Some adjectives were fogggy,hairy,fresh,bumpy,and dry. In my room I have white walls with stick pink and orange on poka-dots. I have an office, library, and a closet. On one wall I have a calender and a wood dresser.In a corner a rocking chair sits there and a shelf for trophies.

  6. Ty Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a person place of thing such as two, blue, or thin. Some of the adjectives from the video are frustrating, worst, soggy, foggy, and stinky. More adjectives from the video were sunny, rainy, dumb, and brainy. My room has a comfortable and soft bed. It is in a warm camp-like environment. My room has my name on the wall in red letters. I have a picture of a fuzzy bear and a picture of a big red dog hanging on my walls. My bed has a tent-like rooftop above it. Finally my bedroom has a wooden framed fan and a wooden desk that also has a comfortable chair.

  7. kelsey dex Says:

    An adjective describes a person, place, or thing, also known as a noun. Adjectives can describe how many, what kind, and what it looks like. The video used adjectives like soggy, friendly, muddy, stinky, scary, foggy, hairy, flat, and boyish. My bed room is pink and brown. My bed has 5 giant stuffed animals. I have a bench/bin that has one big G sign on it. There is one painting with a huge 3-d peace sign that my dad created. My dad is a skillful painter. It is my comfortable, awesome, pink and brown, georgia girl cave.

    -Kels Kels

  8. Cbass7 Says:

    An adjective describes or compares a person, place, or thing. Tall, short, stinky, foggy, rainy, sunny, friendly,and huge. my room is painted navy blue, with a brown wood bunk bed, a colorful chair, and a shiny desk. There are two huge bookshelves which hold all my trophies and awards. It’s my relaxing paradise!

  9. gracie3456 Says:

    An adjective describes a person,place,or thing. Some of the words were pretty,soggy,muddy,foggy,natural,and bumpy.
    I love my room. It is mostly purple and blue. I have three brown bookshelves. I also have three small white shelves. One is my messy desk. I always have soft music playing in my room. I have a humongous horse painting over my desk. To me,my room is very comfy.

  10. cheergirl318 Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a person, place, or thing. It describres a noun or a verb. Some of the adjectives that were in the video were frustrating, tall, stinky, boyish, friendly, fresh, hairy, sunny, and brainy. My room is so cool, the wall are a earthy green and they have big pink and brown polka-dots all over in the middle up against the wall my full sized queen bed is, on either side of my bed I have a large book shelf but it holds trophies, some of my first stuffed animals, yearbooks, and some books. On the left wall across from my bed there is my tiny closet and that is my awesome and small room but I love it. 😀

  11. Blake B Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Some from the video are pretty, muddy, stinky, and foggy. My room is green with an outdoor theme. I have a messy wood desk with a silver lamp and a bowling pin.There is a brown book shelf in one corner. My bed is blue and green with a wood bedside table next to it.

  12. Carson Says:

    An adjective describes a noun: a person, place, or thing. Some adjectives in the movie were flowery, windy, dry, bumpy, dumb, stationary, natural, and rocky. My room is the biggest bedroom in the house. It has blue walls, red trim, and a light brown ceiling. I have a red double-door closet with silver doorknobs on the left side of my room. A few paces down on my right is my bookshelf and desk, and on the left side of that is my bed. My bed is checkered red and blue, and is a full-sized bed. When you are in the doorway, across from you is a window. To the right of my window is another window a few paces down. To the left is my desk that is built into the wall. On that desk I have several accomplishments/trophies, from baseball to soccer. I love my room!

  13. marbearcorser7 Says:

    An adjective is a word that discribes a person, place, or thing. Which is a noun. Some adjectives used from the video were friendly, scary, hairy, sunny, and frustrating. My room is pink and awesome. I have a wooden pink desk with a computer on it. I have two baskets full of stufted animals. My drawers have a big mirror. The final thing in my room except my bed is my night stand with a pink lamp on it. I love pink.

  14. Walker Weldon Says:

    An adjective is a word that describes a person,place or thing. Frustrating, brainy, dumb, foggy, and sunny are all used in the video. My room is small it has blue walls with my initials that are made of wood and are wood on the door. I have a bunk bed because sometimes i have friends or my sister needs an extra bed for her friends. When you walk into my room you will see a squeaky door which goes to my closet and next to it is a loud door to my bathroom. Next to the bathroom door i have a huge bookshelf that goest to the ceiling and next to that is an old T.V. set from my dad were i play video games, and next to that is my toy chest with my bed following right next to it. Lastly i have a chest with my pants and pajamas containing my very loud stereo on top.

  15. jphe123 Says:

    I can’t open the video from my home computer. An adjective describes a noun. I am able to describe my bedroom using adjectives. The walls of my bedroom are bubblegum pink. They are brightly colored with big, vibrant polkadots all around. My carpet is shaggy, soft, an dark beige. I have beautful dolls wearing frilly dresses on the shelf. I have a patchwork, soft quilt for my comforter. I have fuzzy, furry stuffed animals lined up by the wall for display. Then I have a chest with a life size mirror and a handle to open my shoe closet. About three steps from my bed and to the right there is the opening to my bonus room. In my bonus room I have my denim chair with a soft footstool, my denim bean-bag with a secret, camoflauge pocket to hide books and my two pyramid shaped shelfs that hold my trophies and awards! Behind my chair I have a fun, girly, group of posters hanging on my wall. Then I have a window the shape of a porthole! On the way out of my pink, girly, fun bonus room you will pass my two closets that hold my cute, and fun clothes, and uniforms! Finally, ten steps from my bed you walk into my blue, beach themed jack and jill bathroom. It has a double sink and huge mirror!! Off of my bathroom you go into the hang-out/homework room! It has a white, wicker desk and matching chair. It has beige bookshelfs and a double closet, it also has two big, bright windows that open up to the beautiful sky! All of these things make my room very special and make my room my most favorite place in the world!!! 🙂

  16. Grace Ann Says:

    An adjective describes a person place or thing. It describes nouns and pronouns. If you walk through my door you see a mirror to your left. You can also see all of my room because of my mirror. Straight ahead is my white desk with a shelf and a bulletin board in the back of it. It is cluttered with mess which I need to badly clean. I also have a white and large bookshelf with squares as the shelves. It is filled with books!!!!! On my ceiling I have a fan and near my mirror I have 3 balls hanging. One baby blue, one hot pink, and one lime green. My walls are a light pink. My bed is at the top of my room with pinks and greens and a panda pillow pet named Pau.
    ~Grace Ann~

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