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Free Blog Post February 13, 2011

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This week we are going to do something a little bit different!  You all get to decide the topic, just like a real blogger would.  You pick something you want to blog about – something that upsets you, something that you want changed, or just something you want to talk about for a bit.  You must blog this week, but now it is your turn to be in control of what you blog about!  Remember to use correct grammar and punctuation.  I am excited to see what is on your mind!

PS – be sure to comment on a friends post.


28 Responses to “Free Blog Post”

  1. Christie Carpenter Says:

    I am going to blog about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14. It is a time of loving everything in the world. Most people give out Valentine’s cards and boxes full of chocolates. On this day, a angel, Cupid, comes out and shoots people with love arrows. If you get shot, you will fall in love. The main colors on this holiday are pink, red, and white. Also, people decorate boxes where their friends can drop in Valentine’s cards.

  2. The Captain Says:

    Hi Christie,
    I really liked your Valentine’s Day blog. Your box today was awesome. I wish I could eat the chocolate Santas off your box.

  3. cbass7 Says:

    I am going to blog about sports. Common sports are baseball, basketball, and football. Sports are played year-round, and there is mostly a sport per season. The best feeling is when you win game of sports and when the cool breeze blows across your face. I don’t know what I would do without sports.

  4. cbass7 Says:

    I forgot, another reason why sports are great is when you watch a championship game and root for your favorite team.

  5. The Captain Says:

    My blog is about my cat, Coco. She has blue eyes and in the middle of her nose is a island of cream fur. The tip of her tail is black with a few cream hairs. On her mouth, it has half a mustache and half a beard. Coco was at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter waiting to be adopted. I saw her in a cage hiding under newspaper. I said,”I love her.” Coco went from being unloved in the shelter, to sleeping with me at night:-)!!! Coco is the best cat in the world. Everyone should go to a shelter and save an animal.

    • Carson Says:

      I love how you described Coco and told us how you met her. I also got my dog at an animal shelter. Animals from the shelter make awesome pets.

  6. Hello Mrs Daugherty and class

    This is a great idea to encourage a great diversity in blog posts. It will be very interesting to see all of the issues that children your class feel passionate enough about to select as their free blog post.

    We will check back to find out what you have been blogging about.

    Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers (Scotland)

  7. theawsomeone54 Says:

    I am going to blog about my winter break. I am so ready to get away for a little bit. I am going to be skiing in British Columbia, in Canada. It is a great family vacation and we have a good time together. I like to ski and also snowboard. We will be on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains this year. I’m looking forward to it and hope everyone has a great break!

  8. Hi Mrs Daugherty and 5th Grade

    It was really great that other people took the time the help us name Abby’s hen. We were really pleased that so many people voted. All we now is a photo to put on the blog, so that people can meet the hen they helped to name.

    Sushi is such a great name for a fish! It’s great that you have a class pet. Who looks after Sushi over the weekends and holidays?

    We will keep in touch.

    Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

  9. arianacm Says:

    I’m blogging about winter break too. I am going to Florida for the break to visit family. what are yall doing.

  10. Hi Arianacm

    You are right my name does sound like Mrs Daugherty! 😀
    I have class bloggers each day who choose what they would like to blog about, but I have never put it on the blog as a post. I might just do that and then we could compare what the students in Mrs Daugherty’s and Miss Docherty’s classes come up with.

    Do you think that would be a good idea?

    Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

  11. Ty Says:

    I am going to blog about being sick. Being sick can really stink when you don’t get sick often. It makes a person realize how healthy they are even though they don’t realize it. It can also affect how much you can eat and what you can eat. Like today for example, I just got better from a stomach virus and it was Fun Food Day at lunch and it was the first day EVER with hot dogs for kids. Too make things worse; there was an ice cream topping bar at lunch. Worst of all, it was a girl’s birthday and she brought in a HUGE cookie cake. Everyone got bigger portions than I’ve ever gotten at school, everyone except for me. On days like this, it makes someone happy that they are healthy and not the guy who can’t eat any sweets.

  12. gracie3456 Says:

    I am going to blog about Easter. Easter is the day that Jesus rose from Heaven. It is a very important day. It can be called Easter Sunday. Germans brought the symbol of the Easter bunny to America. A tradition in my family is we always paint eggs every year. Easter is on of my favorite holidays.

  13. Blake B Says:

    I am blogging about my cats Tiger and Stripes. Tiger is the funniest cat ever. Although he is SUPER FAT!!! Now, Stripes is cute but boy does he get in trouble! When he was 5 MONTHS old he knocked over our Christmas tree. The tree must of weighed 100lbs. and he only weighed around 6lbs.
    I have a crazy cat don’t you think?

  14. jphe123 Says:

    I’m Blogging about my favorite Holiday, Christmas!! Christmas Eve is on Dec. 24th and Christmas Day is on Dec.25th. On Christmas Morning I love to look at my parents and Grandparents faces when they open their presents!! Christmas is very important to me and my family because it celebrates the birth of our LORD Jesus!
    The thought of that big family feast Christmas Night is overwellming, But just being with friends and family warms the hearts of many! That was my choice of blog, hope you enjoyed it!!! And have a GREAT winter break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Carson Says:

    This week I will blog about the zoo. I like our zoo because it has a wide assortment of interesting animals like the Black Mamba, the Naked Mole Rat, and the Kamodo Dragon. At Zoo Atlanta, there are many different interactive activities like the parakeet feeding, the Petting Zoo, and the Tree House. Many people’s favorite time in the zoo is the animal’s feeding time. The only downside about any zoo is the smell of animals. The zoo is a fun place to learn, relax, and have fun at any time.

  16. Grace Ann Says:

    I am going to blog about my pets. I have 9 pets. 7 are chickens and 2 are dogs!! The chicken’s names are Henrietta, Matilda, Gwen, Lady Gaga, Elvis, Snow White, and Goldi-lox. My dog’s names are Katie and Cooper. Katie’s birthday is on February 14, and Cooper’s is May 4th. Cooper is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Katie is a mix. Katie is skinny and Cooper is super fluffy and plump.
    Grace Ann

  17. kelsey dex Says:

    I am going to blog about going to the Georgia Gymdog (gymnastics) meets. It is so much fun because I go with my friends, Alyssa, Grace, Gina, Amanda, and many more on different meets. I have been to 7 meets so far and it is a blast. We always go to this one place after the meet where you can draw on the tables because they put down a clean white giant piece of paper on the table. At the last meet I went to, my coach, Mrs. Kelly or Coach Kelly, got us into their practice gym and we got to meet the coach, Jay Clark and his wife Julie Clark. We also got all the Gymdogs signatures and we got to see their hang out place. The security guy looks funny because he looks like a statue. They were also giving away free t-shirts that say I Heart sign Gymdogs. We got Jay Clark, Julie Clark, and our coach Mrs. or Coach Kelly. Kelly’s last name was Kelly Macy but now it is Kelly Robertson, but on our shirts she put Kelly Macy Robertson-follow your dreams. After we eat we all drive home together and then we meet at our practice gym (All Around Gymnastics) and they get in their car . Joyful, we all go home .

    -Kelsey D.

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