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Favorite Book Ever! March 13, 2011

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I would like you to write a review of your favorite book.  Your review should include important information such as the name of the book, the author, a brief summary, and why it is your favorite book.  Also, be sure to tell your fellow classmates WHY they should read this book.  Be sure to start your review with a hook and end with a conclusion that wraps up your entire review!  I will also be looking for comments on friend’s posts!

Mrs. D


38 Responses to “Favorite Book Ever!”

  1. Blake B Says:

    My favorite book is The 39 clues book 10. It is the final book of the series and is about Dan, Amy, Nellie, and their crazy backstabbing relatives. They end up with hard deciscions and having to work with their family, the people who murdered their parents.

  2. cheergirl318 Says:

    Have you ever read the book Matilda by Roald Dahl? I have and so far it is my favorite book! But that is just so far. Matilda is about a little girl named Matilda who is adopted by a pair of mean parents they are soo unfair to her! The father is a cheap, unfair, man who owns a car dealership and totally cheats people out. The mother is oh don’t even get my started she is probally the meanest of them all she doesn’t even let Matilda eat at the dinner table with the rest of the family! Matilda althoghout the book pulls pranks on the parents. The parents send Matilda to a terriable school with a mean principal but the only nice thing about the school is her teacher in the end Matilda’s teacher adopts her and Matida enjoys the rest of her life! This is my favorite book because it is funny. Well most of the class has read the book because of last year but I think Jordan and John should read the book because it is enjoyable and funny. What is your favorite book?

    • cheergirl318 Says:

      No one has commented yet so I can’t coment

    • The Captain Says:

      It sounds interesting and funny. I will try to check it out. Thanks for the book tip.

    • Christie Carpenter Says:

      Ya I liked that book too! I think John and Jordan would like it also.

      • jphe123 Says:

        It’s weird that you said that because I have read Matilda 5 straight times and Roald Dahl is my all time favorite author!!
        Jordan 😉

        • mrsdaughertysclass Says:


          I love that you said you read the same book over and over again! I love to read the same book multiple times. I have read the Anne of Green Gables series so many times I have mos to the books memorized. Isn’t it comforting to sit down with an old friend (the book) and pick up where you left of last time?

          • jphe123 Says:

            Yeah!!! When I read it the first time in 2nd grade, I loved it so I read it Again and Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1cyacya7 Says:

      I loved that book too.

  3. The Captain Says:

    Hey all you sports fans out there, does anyone love basketball? If you do, I have the perfect book for you. It is The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman. It is a story about a boy named Eddie Ball, who lives in a trailer with a basketball court outside. He wins a poetry contest to shoot a basket for a million dollars from Finkle Foods. Eddie and him mom could really use the money. Eddie practices everyday, shooting 500 foul shots. He even practices with his eyes shut. Is that enough practice for Eddie to make the shot? Will Eddie win the million dollars for he and his mom? You will have to read the book and see! The Million Dollar Shot is my favorite book because it’s all about basketball and money. It is a mystery too because you wonder if Eddie makes the shot. It is very exciting and interesting. All my fellow classmates including the girls, should read this book because it is so awesome. Everyone will enjoy the story and won’t be able to put it down. It keeps your attention and is funny. So, if you love a good mystery and a good read, check out The Million Dollar Shot!

  4. Christie Carpenter Says:

    What is your favorite book? My favorite book is The Red Pyramid. The author of this book is Rick Riordan. I know some of you are reading this book and I don’t want to give it a way, but the book is about this boy and girl and they find out that they have Egyptian gods inside of them. They go on this journey and fight evil monsters that the undergod, Set, is sending. Their mission is to get to Set’s pyramid and destroy Set. This is my favorite book because there is a lot of action and adventure and I like that. You should read this book because it has an interesting story. I hope you like this book as well as I did.

    • Theawsomeone54 Says:

      I was glad when The Red Pyramid book came out. I had finished the Percy Jackson books about Greek Gods and myths and Rick Riordan came out with this book about Egyptian Gods next.

  5. Theawsomeone54 Says:

    Do you have a favorite book? Well, I do, and it’s also a series! I really enjoyed reading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I is when a young boy finds out he is the son of Posiden a Greek god and he has to return Zeus’s master bolt before the big three declare war on each other.

  6. Theawsomeone54 Says:

    Percy makes friends with some other special kids who are also children of Greek
    Gods and they help him on his mission to get the lightning bolt back. The book is filled with lots of monsters and creatures from Greek mythology and keeps moving with action. Percy and his friends also have to solve the riddle of the Oracle. it is a really good book, and it is not over when you finish because there are three more books to read in the series! You can continue to read about Percy and his adventures. If you have not read a mystery by Rick Riordan yet, you might want to start with the Percy Jackson books.

  7. jphe123 Says:

    Whose your favorite author? Whats your favorite book?My favorite book ever is The BFG by Raold Dahl! He is my favorite author ever!! ;)Roald Dahl is an english writer who uses words that are sometimes hard to understand! The BFG is a great book about a little girl named Sophie who lives in an all girls orphanage. Sophie had heard when she was younger about the witching hour and knew that you should never be awake during that hour! But, one night she was awake and the BFG came to kidnap her. Later in the book Roald Dahl identifies the BFG as The Big Friendly Giant. It’s a heartfelt story about the giant who lives with other giants who eat kids. But the BFG only eats plants, but he kidnaps kids because of his loneliness! I think that anyone who is prepared to try and make sense of the words that are used in this story should definately give this book a try!!!!!!!!! Also you should try… The Twits, George’s Marvelous Medicine, The Girraffe and the Pelly and Me, James and the Giant Peach!!

  8. Arianacm Says:

    I love the Owls of Ga’Hoole series but I’m going to talk about the book : The Burning. in this series Soren and his friends fly into conditions that only a friends could endure together.then when the Band (as the friends are called) fight the evil pure ones!!! the pure ones are lead by Soren’s evil older brother Kludd.Kludd has a mate with a chick about to hatch. the brothers engadge in battle to the DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will the Gardian of Ga’Hoole,leader of the band, truted of the Queen and King of Ga’Hoole,a noble fighter and a focused studier, and ward (adopted son) of Lyze of Keil , a great retired warrior,Soren win or the the leader of the Pure Ones, high tyto, mate of Nyra, brother of his enemy, swore to kill his own brother Kludd win.

  9. gracie3456 Says:

    My favorite book in the whole wide world is Found! The author is Margret Peterson Haddix. I t is about two boys Chip and Jonah who came to the future to the twenty- first century. They were kidnapped and taken back to the future as ghosts. Katherine , Jonah’s sister, was accidentally taken too. You should read this book because it is very interesting. Found is part if a great series and you get into the book so easily. If you read this book, you would want it to be everlasting.

  10. Ty Says:

    It is hard for me to choose a favorite book because I love to read. My three favorite authors are Roehl Dahl, Rick Riordan and James Patterson. If I have to choose my all time favorite book to write about, it would be Daniel X by James Patterson. This book is about a young boy named Daniel X that has the power to create anything he can imagine since he is really an alien. Daniel’s parents died from an evil alien called the Prayer which is also number 1 on the List. The List is a database that tells Daniel about all the alien outlaws on Earth or Terra Firma to aliens. Daniel uses his powers to defeat evil aliens on Earth such as number 6. Number 6 is a very powerful shape shifting alien that captures Daniel but is defeated by Daniel on Daniel’s home planet, Alpar Nok. This book is my favorite because it is full of adventure and excitement that didn’t let me stop flipping the pages. I think someone should read this book because it is very vivid and exciting with many things to think about while you’re reading it.

  11. kelseydex Says:

    Tell me about you favorite book, but first, I am going to tell you about my favorite book. My favorite book is “Bunny my Honey” by Anita Geram. Bunny my Honey is about when a mother rabbit and Honey her rabbit love each other but then, Honey gets lost in to woods trying to catch a butterfly. Then, you will have to read the rest. This book is a picture book. It is a very cute, little girl story. This has been my favorite book every since my mom read this to me when I was 4. You should read this book because it tells you to always believe in God and never stop trying. Also, if you believe, it might happen even if you are lost in the woods. Now tell me about your favorite story/book.
    -Kelsey D.

    • mrsdaughertysclass Says:

      I love that you picked a story that your mother read to you! I still have a book about a bunny that my mom read to me when I was a little girl called “Home for a Bunny”. Nice post!

  12. Cbass7 Says:

    “Avada Kadabra” says Lord Voldemort. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The book is the last book in the series, and was written by J.K Rowling. The book is when Harry, Ron , and Hermione find out they’re wizards and must go to a school of magic which is Hogwarts. They get many friends along the way, and a honest headmaster Dumbeldore. They encounter a evil wizard named Voldemort, which is trying to kill Harry. In the seventh book, harry must find all the Horcruxes (souls of Voldemort) and destroy them to defeat Voldemort. He was almost killed about 50 times, but got the help from his best friends Ron and Hermione.

  13. Carson Says:

    My favorite book is Artemis Fowl by Eion Colfer. In the book, the main character Artemis Fowl and his overprotective bodyguard Butler hatch a plot to expose the fairy world of Haven. The fairy captain Holy Short of the LEPrecon force is assighned the mission to stop Artemis from revealing the fairy world to the public. Will Artemis’s plot succed, or will Artemis be stopped in time? The story is a mix of comedy, friendship, and the unexpected. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves humor and a good, long book.

  14. 1cyacya7 Says:

    “Whoosh” went a wish. My favorite book is Wish Stealers. It is written by Tracy Trivas. A girl named Griffin Penshine is going to a store and runs into Maria. Maria hands Griffin a box that contains many things but all she knows of is a penny. When on the way home there is a tornado. The next day Griffin tries to give back all the things that were in the box to Maria but she died. So, she decides to return the items to which they belong to. She cannot tell everyone the secret about who she is. If she does bad things will happen. I like this book because it has a lot of action and drama. Do you think she will tell or not.

  15. Walker Weldon Says:

    My favorite book is called Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer. Anyone who likes mystery and a os interested in business stuff. Theodore Boone is a boy in the eighth grade with two parents as lawyers and is really involved in court stuff. The main problem in the book is that a man is accused of killing his wife and Theo has the whole thing trying to be planned out and he has a friend who’s cousin is an illegal immigrant has found clues and saw the murderer but, if Theo turns them in and tells the boys cousin may end up in jail. What do you think might happen?

  16. Grace Ann Says:

    My favorite book is…The Lightning Thief!!!! I loved that book. The author is Rick Riordan and he is my favorite author! The book is about Percy Jackson, he figures out that he is a half-blood, meaning half mortal half god. His dad is Poseidon and someone blames him for stealing Zeus’s master lightning bolt. He goes out of camp with his two friends Anna Beth and Grover to find it and get his mother back who got taken by Hades. You should read this book because you will never get bored with so much action.

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