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Email May 1, 2011

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This week I want you to spend some time thinking about how you use email and if you think it is wise for someone your age to have an email account.  I want you to think about how you use words and how you communicate in your post.  Do you think when you are speaking to someone verbally, you communicate well?  Do you continue to communicate well when you are emailing friends, or do you just put whatever comes to mind?  How do you think is positive about someone your age having email and what do you think is negative?

Remember your post should be at least 8 sentences and you should comment on a friends post.


22 Responses to “Email”

  1. Christie Carpenter Says:

    Emails are a good and a bad idea for communicating. Emails are a good way because, if you have to talk to someone and it’s late at night, you can email them. Emails are bad idea too because, it will attract you to the computer or a electronic. Also, whatever you say can not be erased. (If you have all this time to email, why don’t you just call?) It is good for someone our age to have an email because, you can email your teacher, (some people don’t like calling their teacher) if you are on the go and you need to talk to someone you can, and if a person isn’t home and you don’t have their phone number, you can email them. Emails are just another way to communicate with people. It is a quick and easy way to contact a person.

  2. The Captain Says:

    Yes, I think it is wise for someone my age to have an email account. You can communicate with friends, teachers, and family. It is really nice to be in touch with my mom’s family who lives in Florida. I can send my aunts, uncles, and cousins pictures and videos. It is wise to have an account but you have to be careful and responsible. Yes, I think I communicate well when speaking to someone in person. I don’t think I communicate as well when I am on email. I just write whatever comes to mind and I use a lot of slang words like “whatz sup”, “lol”. It is positive to have an email account because you can keep in touch with people. I think it is negative because you have to be careful of what you write and say. Whatever you write can be printed off and people can show everyone. You have to be really smart and safe on email because it is there for anyone to see. I think email is a good thing but only if used correctly.

  3. Grace Ann Says:

    I think it is a good idea for kids 10 and 11 should have emails. It’s the same in person as it is in email, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Don’t email mean things to your friends. Would you like them doing that? I think that as long as you don’t do ALL of your communicating on email that you should have one. If you have to ask your teacher a question, you CAN email them and ask. Kids my age shouldn’t rely just on email because they need to go to someone and truly talk to them because expression matters. Like if someone said to you,”Science homework?” and you reply, “What’s that supposed to mean!?!?!” they might take offense but if you were with them you could use expression and say it nicely.

  4. Blake B Says:

    I think that kids my age should be allowed to have email if we are mature. If your parents won’t allow you to have gmail then you should try to pursuade the to let you have one. Like Mrs. D said once its on the internet it doesn’t come off. Kinda’ like a chigger but worse. Email can be a good thing too. If you have a question on homework or a classwork assignment then you can email your friend. Everybody should be safe on the internet.

  5. Ty Says:

    I think that someone my age should have an email account. With my email, I communicate with my teachers and can ask them questions. I email my friends and family with email. Email accounts are needed with many websites. With email, I think I do communicate better when emailing because if you say something incorrectly then you can hit backspace. Yes I do communicate well with my friends with email. Some pros about email are its mostly free, you have no limits, and you can send something instantly. Some cons about email is that once you hit the enter key you can never take back what you’ve said.

  6. cheergirl318 Says:

    No, I do not think a 5th grader to have an email even though I have one.
    I mean it is not necessary. Having an email is negitive because the words you use because if you are mad at someone and say something mean it is allways going to be there, Having an email is positive because ou could email a teacher if you having a homework question. I think that kids communicate worst because if that one person says something bad think that no one but that person will see it the person that they were talking about could see it then you are in a fight with that person.

  7. jphe123 Says:

    Do you have an email? Emails can be good and they can be bad. I usually like talking to someone face-to-face, but like Christy said, If its late at night or you don’t know someone’s phone number, you should probably email them! Whenever your on your email you should always be careful of what you say. If you need to say something to your friend that you don’t want anyone else to know, you should probably say it to that persons face. Anyone can forward an email and then everyone would see it!!! I don’t get on my email often, but whenever I do, I make sure that I stay safe and be careful of what I say.

  8. Carson Says:

    I think fifth graders should have e-mail because you can get in touch with friends wherever they are. I communicate well with people verbally, but in e-mail, you can delete things before they’re said. I do communicate well on e-mail too. I think people need to be careful when they e-mail because people could print out the message and use it to ruin your reputation. The pros to having an e-mail account is that you can contact friends from far away and ask teachers questions while sitting at home. The cons are spam and cyberbullying. One thing in e-mail you should always avoid is going into chat rooms because there are dangerous people out there and they usually hang around chat rooms. But, the most important thing about e-mail is to stay safe and have fun.

  9. kelsey dex Says:

    I think email is a good and a bad way to comunicate in 5th grade because we do not comunicate good in person so it just makes it worse on email, but, email at our age is also a good thing because if you forget what page for homework it is or if you need to ask your teacher a question. Email can be really bad though because the chat rooms and spams and very dangerous because those people just want personal minformation that they can do stuff with like get money from the bank with your ID card of something really bad. Email is also a good thing because in your email, you can hold like other peoples’ phone number or birthday or adress. I still think they should make you put in more information to get into an account instead of just putting in your email and password-NEVER GIVE OUT PASSWORD!!!!!!! Even though email is fun, you have to remember to stay safe!
    -kelsey dex

  10. kelsey dex Says:

    I think email is bad at our age because we already do not use good communication in general so it just makes it worse to do it on email and you do not use proper english on email-you just put signals like-u, 4, r-and a lot others. Email is also bad because of spams and chat rooms-spams are disruptive messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as an e-mail, a chat room is a computer network in which participants can engage in real-time discussions with one another-people might be disguised as another person. Email can also be bad because you might give out personal information not on purpose like an ID card or your address to someone you do not know. I think that they should make it harder to get into someone’s account rather than just putting an email and password(never give out password) you should put in an answer to a question every time you want to get on your email and 2 passwords. Even though email is fun- you still have to be safe!
    -kelsey dex

  11. gymgirl456 Says:

    I think it is a goos idea for kids to have e-mail. We are responsible enough to have e-mail. If we have any questions about homework we would be able to e-mail you. If we had a homework question for a friend, we could e-mail them. E-mail is a good way to communicate with other people. As long as their are rules and limits I think that a child can have an e-mail.

  12. Walker Weldon Says:

    Having an email in 5th grade too me is a BAD idea. You never know who people say they are, people can trick you into telling them personnel information. Having an account on anything on the computer is a bad idea, except if your parents look at the website good and is a kid friendly site. If you need to communicate with friends ask your teacher for tips and try Skype and other video chat sites, so you can see who you are chatting with. Having emails have many MANY people sighed up, there a viruses, hacks, and inappropriate content. If there is anything you might have to ask try calling, video chatting, and a good,clean website. Just remember if there is any questions, people, random stuff popping up, immediately tell an adult.

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