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What would you change? May 8, 2011

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Looking back on your fifth-grade year if you could change anything, what would you change?  You may choose anything you would like to change, but remember to be kind and not make me cry!  Also, support your reasons with evidence.  Finally, don’t just say, “I wouldn’t give any homework.”   Remember it is my job to prepare you for 6th grade and I have to prepare you for homework.  Truly, I want to hear what you have to say – so this is your time to state your opinion!!!!


24 Responses to “What would you change?”

  1. The Captain Says:

    I have had a great fifth-grade year at KRCS. The only thing I would change would be our recess time. We only get 15 minutes a day and it is not enough. On Fridays, we don’t even get recess at all. I think recess is important because you get to let out your energy, get fresh air, and be with your friends. It is also good exercise and gives your mind a break, so you are ready to work again. I think recess should be 30 minutes a day. We could get this extra time by taking a few minutes off each class. My suggestion would be to make recess time longer.

  2. Ty Says:

    If I could change some things this school year, here is what they would be. I will try not to make you cry Mrs.D. I would make recess longer because it seems that right when you get outside, you have to come back in. This is not too much fun. Also, I would allow there to be a binder for every subject because it is hard to carry around one big huge binder. This can throw students off focus because the students’ papers fall out and make it hard to get it back together. It is hard to find a paper in a binder because you have to search for it all around the subjects. The final thing I would change is to add more science experiments. I would do this because it helps me to understand the concept of what we were learning better. Overall, I think this was a wonderful school year with my great teacher Mrs.D.

  3. marbearcorser7 Says:

    I would change one thing, the time of recess. I want to change the time of recess because it’s only 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! When I went to another school we had at least 30 minutes! We should have more recess because we need to let our energy and hyperness out. We could even stop our reading time after recess to have more recess. Or we take some time off of the other classes.

  4. gymgirl456 Says:

    I think the 5th grade year was awesome! The 5th grade year is so much fun!! If I had to pick something to change it would be to change the date for the overnight. The water at the overnight was very cold. Also, when we did the campfire, it was very chilly. In the mornings it was very cold too. I think if we would of gone later it would of been the best trip ever!

  5. cbass7 Says:

    I t was the best year ever. The things I would change would be recess and social studies. For recess I think we should have 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes becausewe need to give our mind a break, and get some excersise. For social studies I think we should do more games and projects. Now with the World War 2 it is so much fun and I get mad when S.S ends. This unit also helps me learn better because everybody has so many questions abot World War 2. Other than that, the best year ever!

  6. cbass7 Says:

    I forgot. The amount of homework you give us now is good. We have about an hour of H.W a night and I can always get it finished.

  7. kelsey dex Says:

    5th grade is the best year!!!! I loved the overnight, but if I had to change something, I would change the overnight into 2 or 3 nights-not 1 night. We did not have enough free time. We had fun, but we could have done more activities and just hang out. We could have more team building time. But otherwise, I LOVE 5th grade!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    -kelsey dex

  8. Blake B Says:

    I wouldn’t change anything really. I have really enjoyed 5th grade. Last year everybody was saying it would be horrible. It was hard but I had fun with all my friends. =-)

  9. jphe123 Says:

    I am sooo glad that I spent my last year of elementary school at Kings Ridge with all of you. I agree that the recess was long enough and I know that we all think that there should be less homework, but Mrs. Daugherty is right! She has to prepare us for all the homework and responsibilities that middle school will bring. If I could change one thing about this year, I would definitely change my organizational skills. The organizational problem has definitely gotten in my way a few times. Forgetting the right books, not checking my binder papers regularly. But, I’ve definitely gotten better and learned some really good skills from Mrs. Daugherty. I would never even think about having a different homeroom teacher than Mrs. Daugherty. She has been so supportive through my first year of being at Kings Ridge and she is definitely a person that I would go to for help whenever I needed it!!!

  10. cheergirl318 Says:

    I loved our 5th grade year! What made it even more perfect was having the most supportive teacher Mrs. Daugherty. I if I would have to change anything about this school year it would be somethings abput the overnight I think we should be able to suggest 2 or 3 people to be in our cabin, also make the overnight 2 or 3 days, and one last thing I think that it would be more fun if the date of the overnight and maybe some of us may have gotten more in the water if i8t was warmer. Other than that the year was pretty perfect.

  11. Carson Says:

    If I could change one thing about fifth grade, I would change the amount of time we have for lunch. I am usually quite hungry by lunch time, and I never bring a snack. We usually get only one or two servings, while most of us would like to have three or four. Also, the fourth graders come in just as we finish our first serving. :l That is the only bad thing besides the recess times. I really do think we should have thirty minutes of recess every day. I do like the teachers in fifth grade, especially Mrs. Daugherty. I hope sixth grade will be as good as fifth grade!

  12. Walker Weldon Says:

    5th grade was AMAZING!!!!! To be honest a lot of fifth graders from last year said it was bad, but they are so wrong. I would like to add more science and social studies activities. To me, having activities like we are doing now in WW2 it helps me understand a lot better. I love labs and projects. Although, projects and activities are stressful it helps you ALOT.

  13. Grace Ann Says:

    My year with Mrs. Daugherty in 5th grade was the BEST!!!!! She taught us to be organized and independent. If I could change one thing about this year I would change the overnight to late April or early May. It was to cold for me. Also, maybe make the overnight 2 nights not 1. It was so much fun but we didn’t have enough time!!!!

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