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Best Part of 5th Grade – Last Blog :-( May 15, 2011

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Well class, this is it!  We are on our last blog of the year and I CAN’T believe it!  This year has flown by and I am amazed that we are in the last two weeks of school!  This is going to be our last blog post .  This week I would like you to tell me the BEST thing about 5th grade.  What is the one thing that you LOVE?  Also, is there any advice that you would like to pass along to 4th graders right now?

This has been a great year and I hope you all come back to see me next year.  I can’t believe all of you will be in 6th grade next year.  I know you are ready!  You all will do great in 6th grade and I know you are ready for the freedom that comes with 6th grade and I also know you are ready for the responsibility!  You all will be GREAT and I will MISS you!

Mrs. D


25 Responses to “Best Part of 5th Grade – Last Blog :-(”

  1. The Captain Says:

    The best thing about 5th grade was the overnight trip. I loved all of the activities and being with my friends. It was a great time and we all had so much fun. My advice to 4th graders is stay organized and use your time wisely. You need to put yourself on a schedule and stick to it. You will have no problems then with your class work and homework. It is a lot of fun to be in 5th grade, so enjoy it and good luck!

  2. Grace Ann Says:

    The best thing about 5th grade was the overnight. It was a fun time and you got to know you friends better and get to know people you hadn’t really known well before. Some advice to 4th graders is to stay organized with a system. Also, when you are assigned a project, don’t wait the night before to do it!

    • Christie Carpenter Says:

      You have some good points there Grace Ann. I like how you stated the overnight. The 4th graders should really use your advice! 😀

    • The Captain Says:

      I totally agree with you about the overnight trip. I had friends from our class, but the trip let me make new friends. The new friends were from different 5th grade classes. You also gave the same advice I did for 4th graders, they need to be organized.

  3. Christie Carpenter Says:

    The best part about 5th grade was the overnight. It was fun and a great way to learn. While you were there you got to know people better who share the same common interests. Some advice to the 4th graders is to stay on task and manage your time wisely. Don’t forget, when you have a project get it done early and not the night before.

  4. Arianacm Says:

    the best part about the fifth grade is the overnight. I like sharing a cabin, getting into a group with my friends, getting to do the cold bonfire, and doing cabinn idol. one piece of advice to the 4th graders is DON’T FORGET TO BRING ALL YOUR BOOKS HOME AND BRING THEM BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other than that do not talk a lot because you will not get to the fun things without doing the work. also some of you boys might like the wars in history ( i loved WWII in Mrs. D) but do let the teacher actually teach her leasson. LAST THING HAVE A BLAST IN 5TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gymgirl456 Says:

    The best thing about fifth grade was having Mrs. Daugherty as a teacher. We had laughs and fun times! I liked all the ideas Mrs. Daugherty had. (Especially WWII) I always loved math because she made math the so much fun! I love Khan Academy!! Science was so exciting because Mrs. Daugherty is very creative with all the experiments we do. The literature circle groups was a great idea Mrs. D! English was really fun with all of the flip charts. I will never forget when I got to be on Fox News with Mrs. D! I will miss Mrs. Daugherty so much!! Fifth grade would of never been the same without her.

    I have one piece of advice for the fourth graders, NEVER LEAVE YOUR BOOKS IN YOUR CUBBY!

    • jphe123 Says:

      Gracie, don’t feel bad about forgetting your books in your cubby, we’ve all done it!

      -Jordan (-:

  6. cbass7 Says:

    The best part of 5th grade was the overnight. I gave me a chance to make new friends, and hang out with the friends from my class. I liked doing different activities, and when we had an hour of free time. I got to play pickle with all of my friends. My advbice to 4th graders is stay organized and keep track of time. Also you need to manage your time for homework, and study extra hard on tests and quizzes. 5th grade was the best ever.

  7. 1cyacya7 Says:

    The best part about fifth grade was the overnight. I liked it when we had cabin buddies. The advice I would like to give fourth graders is that do not leave your books in your back pack or in your cubbie. Fourth graders have fun being the oldest!

  8. cheergirl318 Says:

    The best part about fifth grade was all the fun times we have had with Mrs. Daugherty like all the moments when we all had to stop working and start dying laughing. The overnight was really fun too. If I would give any advice to the fourth graders it would be STAY ORGANIZED and don’t wait till the night before the project is due to do it!!

  9. jphe123 Says:

    I agree with Grace, the best part about fifth grade was having Mrs. Daugherty as our teacher. I had so much fun with Mrs. Daugherty this year. I loved how her lessons were so interactive and fun. The advice that I would give the fourth graders is to always get your papers from your binder papers and file them in the correct folder in your binder, because Mrs. Daugherty will do a binder check every once and a while and you don’t want to get an agenda mark. HAVE FUN FOURTH GRADE AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

    • kelsey dex Says:

      I agree with the binder papers- they always say, “I know if I were in 5th grade, I would check my binder papers.”

  10. Ty Says:

    The best thing about 5th Grade was the overnight trip. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends at Rock Eagle. The instructors were very nice and I enjoyed playing the games there. If you’re a 4th Grader and is reading this blog then you should know that if you ever feel that 5th Grade is tough at times then remember that it is all preparing you for 6th Grade. I will miss you so much Mrs.D.

  11. Blake B Says:

    The best part of fifth grade was the overnight. I had so much fun. Even though I got only 30 minutes of sleep. I really enjoyed the whole year though. Allthis year was 100% awesome.

  12. kelsey dex Says:

    I love 5th grade. I will never forget how fun it was. The best thing about 5th grade was the ether the Christmas Play or the Overnight. I would give a little advice to the forth graders-Come early in the morning to get a head start on morning work. It will feel weird going from the oldest to the smallest kids. I wish a good luck to the forth graders!! I will miss MRS> DAUGHERTY and 5TH GRADE!!!! I love you Mrs. Daugherty!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    -kelsey dex

  13. Carson Says:

    The best thing about fifth grade is the Science Fair. It was so fun to put together the project. My advice to fourth graders would be to not forget your homework; trust me, you will eventually run out of homework passes. 😦 I thought fifth grade was going to be tough, but it really isn’t as hard as it looks. It is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed my fifth grade year and cannot wait for sixth grade!

  14. Walker Weldon Says:

    The very very very best time I had in 5th grade was throwing the chucker ball in the hoop. I never knew hot to throw until I asked Brighton and said you had to squeeze the ball. The very next time I was up to bat I threw it really far! Then I realized i’m in fifth grade and I have only two chucker ball games left. I have played chucker ball millions of times and i just found out how to throw it. The next game we were losing to Mrs. Fulliloves class by about 20 points and then BAM right off the back board and into the net. Woohoo! Ever since then i could throw it really far!

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