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About August 24, 2008

Welcome to Mrs. Daugherty’s Fifth-Grade class blog.  We are a fifth-grade class at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, GA.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. madelinegeer Says:

    Dear Jonathan,
    Your response tells only what the clip is about. What is a tall tale, though? What are
    some things in the clip that are tall tales?

  2. bears10222 Says:

    this is cool

  3. sebbower Says:

    hello 🙂 🙂

  4. sebbower Says:

    I don’t get it. What is this page supposed to be about?

  5. happytapper321 Says:

    What is this part about?

  6. 1cyacya7 Says:

    This year it feels like we are at the top of the pack! It is big responsibility to handle all the homework, but for me, it is not difficult. So far this year, the work is easy, but takes a long time to do. Will the homework get heavier? Will the morning work get harder and more advanced? My goal is to get all my homework and morning work done. I want to do that so I don’t get minus thirty points or an agenda mark. I hope I can do it!

    • mrsdaughertysclass Says:

      I have not doubt you can do it! Responsibility is a good thing!!!!! I am glad you are finding the work easy – why does it take a long time to do it? What is different? By easy does that mean that you understand everything or you already knew everything we have covered so far? Great post!

      Mrs. D

      PS – is this Cathryn?

  7. mattkozak89 Says:

    itHi mrs. Daugherty my Avatar is a lun-bat-sha-uck-ish-stingray named Swimmer. HIs favorite food is Lion fish. He is a fast swimmer. His favorite game is underwater Baseball. His best friend is Swimmy. I would love to be my Avatar.

  8. abby Says:

    hi! mrs daugherty i miss u so so so much =:::(
    middle isnt the same. its just school. u made everyday a party! i miss u and so does EVERYONE. at lunch we will talk about things we did with you and in class and we get all sad. i hope your kids know how lucky they are
    -rebutle always
    abby 🙂

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