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It’s Electric! March 6, 2011

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We have moved on to learning about electricity in science.  What is electricity?  How does it work?  Is there a difference between static electricity and current electricity?  If I wanted to build an electric circuit, how would I do that?  Tell me what you know about electricity this week and be sure to answer all of my questions!  Also, be sure to comment on a friends post.

Mrs. D


World War 1 February 6, 2011

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This week I want you all to think about the secret alliances during The Great War.  I want you to imagine what it would be like to be a child in Russia when you find out that Archduke Ferdinand has been assassinated and now you realize that Russia has an alliance with Serbia.  Why is it important that Russia has an alliance with Serbia and how would you feel about that alliance?   What were the countries that were brought into the war on the side of Serbia?


Periodic Puns!!!! Can you figure these out? January 22, 2011

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Ok, Class – this week you are going to have to THINK (I know it is painful) to solve these riddles!  Let’s see how many we can solve as a class.  I have to say I am a little stumped on some of them, but use the periodic table as a guide.  Post your answer to some of the puns.

For example –

1. What you do with a wrinkled shirt – the answer is IRON, which is an element on the periodic table, but also answers the riddle!

1. What you do in a play
2. What you do to a wrinkled shirt
3. “Tasty” part of your mouth
4. Someone who likes to start fires
5. Superman’s weakness
6. Your brother or mine
7. Extinct
8. Imitation diamond
9. A type of flower
10. Las Vegas lights
11. Police
12. Golden State
13. Name of a goofy convict
14. Mr. Mony’s enemy
15. What you do to flowers
16. What you did to ripped jeans
17. A “prize” element
18. A very smart person
19. Person from the big blue planet
20. A fur seller